Any feedback on BAT VK200

Just curious as to what people have to say about this piece.
Ask Pcc he has one and I am sure he would be willing to share his experience with you.
I have got one, what do you want to know?
In my system, it has authority at loud and soft volume but it can play very loud (for 100 watts), has excellent control of the bass drivers, the treble is extended, sounds a tad warm (but I have a tube preamp). I would recommend checking it out without hesitation. It does get hot, even at low power. I compared it to Krell and Classe. I thought it was better for my system. The problem with BAT is you might have trouble getting a good price.
I have a CD connected to a Proceed DAP, SF Line 2, Vandersteen 2ce and can run the whole sheband balanced.
I had a vk200 for 2 yrs before I went with a vk60 tube amp. It's great. I had a Classe before, also 100/ch. The Bat is a great amp. What speakers? I used Hales and Audio Physic...
If you like MUSIC, you will like the VK200. I run mine with a CAL Icon MkII Power Boss CD, Bryston BP-25 preamp, and B&W 802's with North Creek outboard crossovers. The BAT replaced an Aragon 8008BB, rated 200W/ch, and it is every bit as powerful with its 100W rating. Highs are sweet yet extended, with incredible definition and three dimensionality in the midrange. Bass is mellow and musical, with good control of low frequencies. Runs hot, but it's supposed to. I think the BAT is very well made.