Any feedback from HMS cable ?

Does any of our Audiogon member (exept the official HMS dealer:) had any experience with the HMS speaker cable and IC?
Don't know, but hey HMS guy, I just burned in a pair of Nordost Valhalla Speaker cables in my system. If you want to send me a demo pair, I'll give them an HONEST evaluation, taking into account the difference in list prices between the two. (My system lists for between $42,000 to $45,000 (including the Valhalla's). I'll also compare them to a pair of SPM's. So, HMS guy, are you ready for the Nordost challenge? Happy Tunes!
Check out this feedback on audioasylum:

I am waiting for the delivery of a HMS phono cable.
I am the HMS guy, fatparrot. I am ready for the Nordost challenge. Actually one is already underway.
A customer of mine will get a set of HMS speaker wires next week, so he has an all HMS system, versus an all Valhalla system. As soon as he is done auditioning, he will post his findings.
But if you want to discuss the cables further, please contact me by email, since I do not want to run the risk by speaking more about my cables, that I am using this forum as an advertising platform. If you are up to this challenge let us discuss the details in private.
Tekunda, let me explain why I posted this challenge as if I had thrown down the gauntlet. First, there have been a lot of disparaging comments about you and the HMS cable running through the posting threads. I DO NOT THINK THAT THIS IS FAIR UNLESS SOMEONE HAS DONE A SHOOTOUT WITH THE HMS CABLES!!! That being said, the problem here is that these cables are an unknown entity in the audio community. And you've made some pretty bold claims. I really do hope that these cables are all that you've said that they are! Unfortunately, many times in our crazy and expensive hobby, the hype and hyperbole turns out to be just that, with little substance. I look forward to the shootout that is currently being done with the Valhalla set up. I understand that you do not want to send out many of the cables for a shootout. Hopefully, these cables will shortly get a review in some audio magazine. If not, use shootouts and word of mouth from satisfied people. If HMS is what you say it is, word will spread quickly. If it isn't, word will spread even quicker! I wish you the best of luck. Happy Tunes!
I know I have done some rather bold statements which I will not repeat here. Everybody interested, can judge for himself in his own system, with his own ears, if these statement are true or not.
This is how it should be done all the time, regardless if it is cables, speakers, amps etc.
But sometimes you can see a product pictured somewhere and just by looking at how high the quality of manufacturing is, how it stands out of the crowd in this respect, it will tell you if this product deserves of being investigated further. The more time a company puts into the engineering process, the better a product will look and sound.
i will answer the initial posters' question....i have tried the hms 'grand finale' ics now for over a week.i will,without stuttering,say they are the best ics i have ever had in my system....tenor amps..piega p10 speakers...scd-1...valhalla speaker cables.that said..i have a pair of valhalla ics coming to try next week against the hms ics. christian,tekunda,has been gracious enough to allow me to try a pair of his hms speaker cables so i can compare an hms system vs valhalla should be interesting.for now..i have no problem telling anyone that the hms ics least in my system...superb.. and i have used audio tekne..xlo limited edition..cardas..synergistic reference..transparent ultras and others prior to trying the hms ics.if the hms can equal or even come close to the valhallas' they will be a great investment for those systems that will benefit from will you know that? need to plug them in..don't waste your time listening to all the brilliant posters out there who speak with 'all the confidence of ignorance'.if i am not mistaken..there is a 'money back guarantee'.
hi Calloway, don't get nervous....but the weight of the whole "cable world" will be on your shoulders this week.....we will all be waiting.....get lots of sleep and get that hearing aid serviced too...hahaha

I have purchased a 2 meter pair of HMS Grand Finale from Tekunda (Christian). First off I want to say it has been a great pleasure doing business with Tekunda. He has always returned my calls and emails and is very helpful with any questions I throw at him. He is truly a man of his word. I am not one great with audiophile layman style words but I will try my best. The cables, YES the cables. I got them on Friday and was not expecting them until Saturday because it was 2 day for delivery on Saturday. I was surprised to see them one day early. Christian had already burned them in for me on his cooker. I replaced my Nordost SPM's with these way different polished ferrite cables. I put a SACD of OPUS 3's reference recording on my Marantz SA-1 and immediately heard a difference. I know this recording well as I played it many times. It was if I did a major upgrade on a component. Sounds were much more clear, clean highs and a bass that seemed much more natural. I will be honest I have not heard the revered Valhalla's on my system as I would spend what it would cost me for them on my future amps (Tenor OTL's). But that is another story. I am a true believer in these cables. They are absolutely keepers! If anyone has any questions for me on these cables or wants more feedback please feel free to email me.

for all of you that did not read my post on the audio asylum regarding the hms cables i will give you a quick paraphrase.i compared a complete valhalla syatem with a complete hms 'gran finale' system on my gear...tenor 75wi amps..piega p10 speakers..scd-1 fully modded.i have subsequently sold my valhalla gear as i found the hms cables the equal to and in some respects better then the valhalla cables.they are that good,imo,in my system. they still are not cheap,but when compared to the valhalla,maybe they are..because they do perform at a level comparable to cables many times their price.i have not heard all of the top cables..siltech G5,jena 'symphony et al',and others but these are staying in my system until something else beats them badly.
After many hours of listening & all three wires spending days on my cable cooker (audiohama) my choice is the HMS. I originally owned the Jenna Lab and Valhalla. I found many qualities that I really liked in both cables. The Valhalla with its speed and detail and slam, and the Jenna Lab with mid-range to kill for. Then enters the HMS! It seems to possess all the best qualities of both the Valhalla & Jenna. My search had nothing to do with price since I own all three, all purchased in February and March. It sure is nice to discover the "Best to my Ears" is also the least expensive.

The qualities of the HMS just seem to improve with each day of listening.

Related equipment:

Kora Cosmos Mono Blocks (retubed), Kora Eclipse with Upgrade internal wiring and tubes, and the 24/192 Hermes DAC upgraded wiring and tubes.

Roksan CD Transport CDP-3
Electrocompaniet EC-1 24/192

Kharma Ceramic 1.0 speakers

Nordost Power Cords, Audio Magic Power Cords, and Ensemble Power Cords

I am also using the Ensemble Power Point Power Conditioner.

I am planning to add an Audio Aero CD Player and Virtual Dynamics Power Cords this month. I also am planning to audition the new Tenor Amps we have been hearing so much about.

I can promise you that an investment in the HMS IC's is a wise and prudent choice. It is my answer to the IC search. I have tried many but this is my choice for my system.

I hope this helps, let me hear your responces!

Good Listening,