Any feed back on McIntosh C2300 va Cary Audio slp0

I am looking at preamps. Has anyone demoed/owned a McIntosh c2300 tubed preamp? If so, please chime in w/ your opinions. I've heard the Cary Audio SLP 05. I thought it sounded fanastic. Any views on this tubed preamp as well? Thanks,
I have an SLP-05, and I love mine. What do you want to know about it?

Only one minor irritation - the remote control is a cheap card remote, and the remote eye is buried too deep in the chassis. This means you have to beam almost dead on before the preamp sees your commands. Makes the remote almost useless.
Thanks, what do you like about it? What power amp and speakers are you running? I've heard this preamp at a store... played through the Cary 110 watt tube power amp and some very large Linn speakers. The sound was great. Anyone out there have experience w/ the Mac C2300?
Id go with the Cary. This is from a guy who currently owns MAC and previously owned Cary.
The SLP-05 is one of the most transparent pre's I've ever heard. It is absolutely alive and as dynamic as any SS I've used. It is detailed, airy, clear but not harsh.

No experience with the Mac but the SLP-05 is the real deal.
I bought a McIntosh 2300 recently from a fellow under financial stress. Wasn't looking for another preamp,it was totally an impulse buy.

My first impressions of the c2300 is that it IS quiet with very low distortions that lets you hear into the music.

Very good remote with adjustments on the fly with excellent fit and finish along with great looks to match.

Over all I think it is a good preamp though look whats available on the market in the Macs price range, new and used.

Arrange to bring preamps home and listen in your own system.
One of the best preamps ever made tube or solid state. It not like a typical tube gives the better recordings a feel of live, great color and tone, yet not sweet or colored.

I owned some of the best and this preamp is going no where.

Looks so good too!
Phillyb, which pre-amp are you referring to?
Have the SLP-05 and love it. Everything described about it above is dead on, this includes the comment about the remote control unfortunately.