Any fans of Kari Brenmes out there....

I was going through my CD collection over the weekend and found this album "Gate Ved Gate" by Kari Brenmes from Norway, which I haven't listened to for several years! I bought it a long, long time ago for the excellent recording quality as recommended by a local audio dealer.
When I pressed "Play", my jaw dropped instantly, smashing the floor beneath my feet. Everything that you could ask for in a recording is all there in spades. I would say it is even better than Cafe Blue by Patricia Barber. After listening to the whole disc uninterrupted, I leafed through the accompanying booklet, and noticed that the album was produced in 1994 in a studio in Stockholm.
It is truly amazing how good Redbook CD can be even from all those years back. 

J. :)

Can't say I'm a fan, but just read a review about (a piece of gear?) and the reviewer happened to mention her and the track, "Coastal Trip" from her yr 2000 recording, Norwegian Mood.   He uses it as a reference recording.  I did not know her at all but found at least a dozen of her recordings on Spotify and gave a listen to NM.  The sound quality on this one too is very good even on that loathed, non-audiophile source, Spotify (I'm being sarcastic).  You mention Patricia Barber who also came to mind while I was listening.  Again, the music didn't make me want to go out and buy the CD but might have to re-visit her.  
I am afraid Gate Ved Gate is the only album of hers that I have listened to. So I can't comment on NM but will look out for it. Not a subscriber to Spotify.  
Hi Jon - you don't have to subscribe to Spotify to sample tracks.  You can access a free version - although it won't be in their highest audio quality and you will be pestered by numerous ads.  Still, it will let you sample her larger catalog and possibly help you find other recordings you would want to buy.  
Thanks for the heads up. Will try it.  :)
Have tried Spotify. Yay!
The album NM sounds pretty good through my earphones.
Thanks again!
Good, glad to hear it Jon.  The Spotify subscription is the best $10 a month I've ever spent (well, $10.59 w/tax).  Music-wise, it's like being a kid in a candy store (without risking the upset stomach or cavities). Paying improves audio quality over the free version and NO commercial interruptions.  In the interest of full-disclosure, be aware the sound quality of Tidal is reportedly way better (at 2x the price).  The only thing I can say about Tidal SQ is that when I took the Tidal "test", I found the difference between the sound of their file vs the compressed version to be subtle if at all discernible...and that was listening with a decent headphone rig.  Have fun.