any fans of early industrial?

Are there any fans of Throbing Gristle,Psychic Tv,Spk,Dg307 and Einsterzunde Neubaten?I am just curious if any audiogoners are into this wild stuff.Mike from Czech rep
Mike, if you see the Hamburger Lady passing by the "collapsing new buildings", let me know : ) Sean
I am a avid industrial listener, from death in june, foetus, and caberet voltaire to newer stuff like apotygma bezerk and vnv nation.

Don't really love any of the groups you list but do have most all works by:
-skinny puppy
-early front 242

This is more industrial metal vs the pure industrial avant/noise style of the groups you list above......I have owned albums by several of them long ago but did not keep them. (Cris & Cosey, Neubaten, SPK, Death in June etc)

Current industrial scence is dominated by EBM dance influenced acts, some of which are OK but generally pretty boring stuff.
Have you tried "Clan of Xymox"? (Sometimes known as just plain "Xymox".)

They are very good, especially the albums "Twist of Shadows", Metomorphosis" and "Creatures". The live album, conveniently titled "Live", is also a very good live album.

The only problem I have with the band, is that none of their newer releases are on Vinyl. Of the albums I mentioned, only "Twist of Shadows" was released on vinyl.
I have all releases by Xymox/CoX, really like them although not really industrial except perhaps the recent excellent Creatures and Notes From Underground......I believe Ronny Moorings was very influenced by work of Wumpscut on these two.

1980's CoX work on 4AD label fit well with other label groups like Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance etc
Ok, Megasam, I will try out Wumpscut (interesting name, BTW).

Can you suggest some titles I might like?
(BTW, I do not like most Industrial/Goth groups, including Cocteau Twins, Ministry or Skinny Puppy. Although I do like some of Marilyn Manson - Go figure, huh?!)

Thanks, in advance!

PS I agree that Xymox may not be industrial, but what catagory would you put them in? (I usually find them in the Industrial and/or Goth catagory).

PPS Is it me, or does it seem just a bit sacreligious (sic) to be discussing Industrial/Goth bands here on Audiogon? (Playing this kind of music on a multi-thousand dollar audio system probably would have most of the people on this site shaking their heads!)
Oh yes, I also really like Manson from Antichrist Superstar to present. A bit too glam goth to be taken seriously but music does rock pretty hard and has some industrial elements.

They will kick me off the board if I ever start with my large black metal collection: Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Bogir, Tristania etc. he he.

For Wumpscut try to get middle period stuff:
-embryo dead
-bunker gate seven

If you want similar stuff to Xymox get all:
-Switchblade Symphony (3 albums)
Getting back to the early industrial stuff, I would love to find copy of:
SPK - Machine Age Vodoo
has a song called "metal dance" and is more accessable than early noisey material like Auto Dafe album.

Network label had a lot of early industrial acts signed, one I remeber was Severed Heads, still have greatest hits "twenty deadly diseases" is cool
Megasam I have the 12 inch single Machine Age Vodoo by SPK.

As to playing/talking about GOTH being sacrilegious. Since 1981 FAITH by the Cure I've been playing, listening, and seeing Goth bands (away from the stagnet(sp.) dinosaur rock bands from that time, and I never looked back.)
How about Teargarden? its s mix of the members of The Legendary Pink Dots and Skinny Puppy.
Very very good stuff

The legendary Pink Dots are one of my favorite bands. Seen em in concert twice. I have Crushed velevet Apocalypse, The Curse, Golden Age, 9 Lives to Wonder, The Tower, about 3-4 others i cant think of right now.

I love Project Pitchfork, its hard to find in stores though.

Big Big fan of Einsturzende Neubauten. Good stuff. I have about 5-6 of thier CD's.

Lets not forget Psychic TV, Penal Colony, My Life with the Thrill Kill Cult, Twilight Circus.

Wumpscut is pretty good, that's some hard stuff to find as well. Too bad my Ebryodead CD was stolen years back.

Current 93 and Christian Death are always fun. :) That wacky Roz WIlliams.

I REALLY want to find a copy of Project Pitchforks Early Years. havent been able to find it anywhere. i used to own it but it got all screwed up.
Einstruzende Neubauten is excellent, even now. For people interested, go to, their web site. Some neat stuff there. And they also did a special recording for "supporters," those who donated some $$ (all of $35 Paypal for me).

Thanks for all the info on the other groups, I'll check out Wumpscut for sure.

And a slightly humurous story: my sister-in-law was looking for something to get me for the holidays some eyars back. I told her I wanted Throbbing Gristle's Greatest Hits. Now, this 40-something woman looks at me, incredulously, and says "Throb...what ?" I said, "Throbbing Gristle -- think pulsating steak fat !" :-)

BTW, a lot of industrial music makes great speaker break-in material !!!! EN's "Strategies Against Architecture" disk 1 is amongst my favorites to burn in something new.

OK, enough.

I have agree with the Legendary Pink Dot's reccomendation. Though not industrial or goth (maybe something more like experimental pop) a lot of ground such as the Dots and Xymox seem to get grouped all together with the Industrial Goth category. Edward Ka Spel is a true musical genius, musically and especially lyrically. I too have seen them live a few times and have most of their albums. It seems a shame that someone with so much talent will go relatively unoticed.

Skinny Puppy also deserves mention. The musical force of Cevin Key and Duane Goettel was truly groundbreaking, at least it was to me then. I think I like the memory of listening to Skinny Puppy on the cheap rack system or crappy car stereo better than it sounds to me now on my high end system. I thought that stuff was so powerful back in the day, and it seems kinda weak now. Skinny Puppy, 242, Frontline Assembly etc.. is my classic rock.

I was wondering what audiophiles who were into industrial think about that type of music on thier high end rigs.

sometimes you just need something crunchy.
Not much of it is what you would call Clean music.

One thing i love about the dots is how thier music varies from album to album. 9 lives to wonder is dark and somewhat sad, while golden age is somewhat puppy. The curse sounds rather gothic and dark.
Even with all these changes from album to album, they have a distinct personality that shines through
Skinny Puppy fans should check out the new release from Ogre (Skinny Puppy's Growler). It is sold under the name ohGr and the album is called SunnyPsyOp. It's somewhat reminiscent of older Skinny Puppy, with a new twist. Front 242 also recently released a new album. Brings back lots of memories.


Derek Stewart
Vancouver, BC
Slappy if you don't have it, check out the Dot's album A Perfect Mystery, I think it's one of their best and not a bad recording to listen to on a hifi rig either. Another timeless classic is the Tear Garden Last Man to Fly, I think I've played that disc more times than any that I own.
Download/Eyes of Stanley pain is one of the best industrial albums of 90's,very futuristic and dynamic. We make noises.... Other recomendations:Leather Strip/Selfinflicted and Mentalo and Fixer or Velvet and acid christ
what about JOY DIVISION

they were the complete trend trend setting
and their music is timeless
Can was the band from Germany that really started the industrial sound with "Yoo Doo Right" in 1969. The song comprised all of side 2 of their album "Monster Movie" and it is still in print both as new vinyl and CD.
Can ? Wow, haven't heard that one in a while. Yeah, maybe they could be labelled as the parents of Industrial. But I think a lot of the experimental Moog stuff from the 60's, and even the old weird sound effects experimentalists going back to the 20's (?!) can be labelled as such.

I think Industrial as a concept for music, not just a sound, was more in the late 70's, though.....

And Joy Division ? Industrial ? Uhhhhmmmm. Nuh-uh. I loved them, they were my fave band until I really got into the Chameleons UK (hence my A'gon nym), but I would never classify them as Industrial. Always worth mentioning though ! So thanks for that !
Although not purely industrial, I'd like to throw in
"Alien Soundtracks"('77) and "Half Machine Lip Moves"('78)
by Chrome (Helios Creed/Damon Edge). Fascinating amalgam
of hi/lo tech cyberpunk multitracked at varying speeds, which sounds to me like music made from rusty parts found in an auto scrap yard.
Also "Third Reich n' Roll" by the Residents, though even further removed from strictly industrial sounds.
Ahhh, Ralph Records !! Loved them and the mascot...and also their slogan ("Buy or Die"). Some neat stuff by the Residents, Snakefinger, Renaldo and the Loaf, etc etc.

Thanks for reviving a few "memories" :-)
Snakefinger(rip)was great! Unfortunately he had to paint houses to make a living, I was told. BTW, I still have one
of those little "Buy or Die" catalogs. Another Ralph slogan was: "Ignorance of your culture is not considered cool".
Also, "Third Reich n' Roll" was also issued in limited edition in a black laquered wood case with a drawer for the LP. It came in a draw-string bag made from a piece of Cristo's "Running Fence" fabric and cost $200. That was a lot of money in the '70s, but now I wish I had bought one.
It's good to run into another "Ralph Records" fan.