Any Famous people on Audiogon ?

Off the subject a bit, a little humor. I am just curious if any celebrities
or famous people are using Audiogon. I know FABIO is into Hi-end audio, plus he had Martin Sayers of Martin Logan & Dan D'gastino of Krell on his little Bio program on the E network.
I am not famous, and just curious.
dammit, mfslgold, i knew someone would blow my cover eventually. just didn't think it would be so soon.

-brad pitt
Time for me to confess also.Im VERY famous and looking for a audionut to play with. Cheers,Britney
Heh brad funny seeing you here we just finished that great movie together and you never told me you were into audio, we should get together after the grammys and talk audio.

I am only 6 degrees from famous
Kevin Bacon
Thank you very much.

Well, my dog seems to think I'm famous.........Hey Britney, are those things real or did you buy them? That money would have been better spent on vinyl than silicone!
I don't want to be a famous person;I just want their $$$$
I think that I caught a few recent posts by Dr. Who.
Musicdok,you being a M.D.should be able to tell if they are real or not.Cant you tell? U U
.....some of the above are going to need pardoning for their blatant licentiousness. And for $500K each, I'm your man. Ah feel your pain. Bill.
Bill,regarding your last phone call.Dont you think I'm a bit young? Brit
You guys are TOO much... With a crowd like this, it's no wonder i don't get any respect..... Rodney
Well ah actually think Monika was getting along in age, of course ah felt her pain, but we all have to move on. Ah believe ah could pardon you for a few Cuban cigars and uh maybe some other "favors". Of course after which you'll really need pardoning. Bill.
I just hope noone is on to my secret plan to crush the competition and dominate the world of Audio with the beta release of PowerAmp 2001...

Njonker, Ah'll have to check with Cornfed to see if it's OK to pardon Mahself. Bill
This site is meust useful.
Elizabeth Windsor (aka HRM Queen Elizabeth)
Rich and famous people care about the conspicuous comsumption of houses, clothes, cars, boats, travel, and maybe on occasion food and wine. Nobody cares about audio -- any more than cheerleader went to the prom with the AV geek in high school.
You really got me, boys...Ray
Perhaps we should change our definition of what constitutes "famous". I think you should consider Sugarbrie famous, he's performing in concert with Dave Brubeck this month in Baltimore--that's terrific! I'm not famous now, but I was for 15 minutes last month when I had my picture on the front page of the Arts section of the NY Times. Any others similarly famous?
To answer your question directly, Jayboard is famous. Please forward this message to everyone you know.
I had a top ten selling video and have recently come in to a lot of cash. I'm still young, very willing and all natural, well... My turn ons are older men, money and posing nude. With my new found wealth I'm looking for some help in selecting an audio system for my new house. Can any of you audiophiles help me? The only requirement is that your either very attractive or have a lot of money and that you have lots of free time to experiment. Please guys, help me... A.N.S.
Aside from cameo appearances on a few TV shows like "Beyond 2000", "MTV Sports" and a couple of local TV "magazines", my fame has been limited primarily to a critically acclaimed dissertation on the Luddites. Okay, only half of that is true. Your guess as to which is as good as mine. -Frank Peel
I'll teach you how to be for only $9.95, today & today only... Ron Popiel (wanna buy a toaster while I've got you on line?)
The KING of famous himself... Aaouuuu
The gloved one..Michael Jackson.
I used to discuss Audio on another forum with Fabio. That's ask close to infamy as I ever got.
"I can't believe it's not better". Thank you for the +million $dollar contract. With that moola$$ Fabio built an awesome system I hear.
Fabio was rich long before the "butter substitute" deal came along. That just gave him more money to play around with.... Sean
Oh, I'm truly famous amongst the local dealers and repairmen for ruining equipment, because I try everything but have got ten thumbs for fingers. I once even dropped a Threshold Stasis amp ( the original) from ten feet up on a stone floor. That however did not help to make me more famous, because the damned thing, though dented, when replugged, undauntedly kept on making music with those lovely red diodes in front flashing happily away.