Any experiences with Modwright SWL9.0SE ???

Curious if anyone that has owned this preamp if they could shed some pros and cons on the Modwright. I am looking to introduce one with my B&K 200.7 reference power amp and my Pioneer Elite VSX94tx Surround Sound Processor. My SS amp gives out 200 / 375 wpc into 8/4 ohm and I am looking to make my speakers sing a bit more than my SSP allows. Although my speakers are 4ohm Tyler Woodmere II's I was hoping that a Modwright tube preamp would do just that.

Let me hear the news...good or bad
I have had nothing but pleasure from this pre-amp. In my system it is perfect.
It's a fantastic preamp. I started with the SWL9.0SE, then upgraded to the SIGNATURE version. I then upgraded to the new Modwright LS100. The SWL9.0SE & Signature remain one of my favorite preamps. Excellent value, especially at the used price.
I concur with Tgrisham. Owned CJ, Rogue, Mac, Marantz, others. This is the best I have owned. Love it.
At its price point, it would be very hard to beat, unless you are looking for a real "tubey" sound. I had one in my system for about 6 months when my VAC Ren pre was out for repair (about a 4X retail cost differential) and it was very enjoyable. Plus Dan Wright provide excellent service.
Any of you know about the longevity of the tubes for this particular model??? Curious to know of the time and if you prefer one type over another since only a few are available to be switched out.
Dan runs the tubes very conservatively in the SWL9.0SE, so I would say around 6000-8000 hours easily. You can use 5687, 7119, 7044, 6900 tubes in this unit.

I never tried the Bendix 6900 tubes because they are ultra expensive, (like $600+ per pair). They are claimed to be the best.

My favorites, (and I tried MANY), are in order:

1. Amperex HOLLAND 7119
2. Raytheon Red Label 5687
3. Tungsol 5687
4. Mullard USA 7119
5. Amperex USA 7119
5. GE or RCA 7044

I REALLY, REALLY liked the Amperex HOLLAND 7119. They were wonderful with a very open, smooth, warm, romantic sound. Not the end all, be all of detail, but very musical. My favorite tube by far.
Mofi...What speakers are you experiencing this wonderful sound with??? Got any leads on a good venue to obtain some of these Holland 7119's???
Mofi..It also appears that the Amperex Holland 7119's are tall. Is there a height issue with these tubes when the cover is put back. I have read somewhere that once of the tubes is taller and one might have to cut holes in the lid to accommodate. True???
Shakedown, the only time I've heard or seen a hole having to be cut is for a different RECTIFER tube than the 5AR4/GZ34. The small 9 pin tubes have no problem with clearance of the lid. I tried at least 9 or 10 different brand/styles of tubes and had no problem with any of them.

The Amperex Holland 7119's show up here on AudioGon once in awhile. You might check with the usual suspects, (Jim McShane, AZ Tubes, e-Bay). I did find several pair, but it took me a few months. You might need to be patient.