Any experiences with Margules tube amps/preamps

I´m starting in high end audio. I live in Mexico city and there is not a real offer of tube amps here.

I have heard margules tube amps/preamps and the hybrid integrated amplifier they manufacture here in Mexico and i like how they sound.

Someone have any experience with this amps/preamps?, what could be a good speaker for it? (no more than 2,000 USD).

Thanks for your comments.
I have experience. I like the sound. I do not like the quality control. Just my opinion.

I live in Mexico City, too, and have a primarily Margules-based system. Put simply, the Margules products I have used are excellent, especially after one takes a litte bit of care with cables, isolation, etc. The hybrid integrated amp in my system (the ACRH-1) performs superbly, even more so after Julian Margules upgraded it three months after I bought it -- the upgrade was entirely the initiative of Margules Audio, performed free of cost for all owners of the amp, who were informed about this change by the company. (I understand such upgrades are not one-off for Margules products. Obviously, for denizens of Mexico City
-- and its vicinity -- the proximity to the company would make matters easier here. Yet this might also answer the quality-control questions raised by Lindisfarne: one has to stand by one's products to offer such upgrades.) To resume, I am also very happy (in my system) with the analog-digital enhancer (ADE-24)produced by Margules, and -- to take up one of the queries in the original post -- with Margules monitors. I use the latter with Dynaudio stands that can also be bought in Mexico City, and together the set-up (speakers+stands+sand+spikes/speaker-isolation) is less than USD 1500. Although I don't really feel the need for it, possibly a quality sub-woofer can be added for about a thousand bucks (or perhaps less)for organ-music lovers. Or it is possible to think of other speakers as well, though shopping in the US or on Audiogon might well be the better option here, particularly since the usual mid-fi/high-end speaker offerings (B&W and Dynauadio)in Mexico leave much to be desired as regards performance/price. I realise that all this might sound like hard-sell for a particular manufacturer but I am really happy with my Margules choice, and, besides, Julian Margules is a splendid fellow. It is well worth going with his product(s), especially if you live in Mexico City. I hope all this is of help, and I will be happy to answer questions regarding my choice of cables (Harmonic Technology Fanatsy AC-10, higher-quality Stealth and Vampire, and KAS Audio Maestro), CDP, and isolation over email. Cheers, SD