Any experiences with Harbeth monitor 40?

hi, there,
I was offered a pair of Harbeth monitor 40, please provide
any information regards to these speakers? thanks a bunch.

Hmm. Let's see. There may be a handful of these in the US. Or maybe just 2 pair, the ones you're taking about and those used by REG of TAS as his reference. Professor Greene seems to believe that they are very very good. They are also very very large but require abot 10 inch stands (or higher if you sit high, but let's not get into that). I would love to hear them. I assume they have that Harbeth musicality and the clearest midrange in the world with greater extension top and bottom. They retail for about $6500, and some people say they are as good as the very best. I havent had the pleasure of hearing or comparing them. If you dont want them, I'd be happy to take them off your hands. I'll even pay for shipping.
Simply Music in Nova Scotia is the North America distributor, and they are a featured Audiogon dealer too. They gave me the impression at CES (in the Audiogon room) that there will be a Harbeth push in the U.S. this year. I'd love to hear them too.
hi, Pual
thank you for your kindly inputs. I may buy the pair and try
I, like the preceeding responses, would love to hear these speakers, but alas they are very few in this country, at this time. I also have been led to believe that this may change soon.

So hopefully we will all get a chance to hear some of their line soon.
Timchen, I will be glad to help you out on this one. The 40's are way too big and cumbersome. You will not enjoy them at all. I have a pair of the Harbeth Compact 7ES on order, which would be much more managable and less power hungry. In the spirit of brotherly love, I would be willing to trade you, even. Like the old Bud commercials, "I LOVE you, man!" [:)] Enjoy. Charlie
Danvetc, indeed, monitor 40 is a little bigand need roon for it to breath. It is about the size of Spendor S100(mine),so I may give it a try. I will post some thoughts after I get familiar with it. thanks.

I'll let you know as soon as mine arrive:) The HL7ES's are nothing short of amazing. They are the best "mini" monitors I have ever heard, period. I can only imagine how good the Monitor 40's must be. Someday, if I am lucky :)