Any experiences with FM Acoustics Preamps

I am interested to know whether FM Acoustics preamps - though technically specs perfect & meticulously executed have 'that emotional thing' we audiophiles look for? Or is it on the cool side.

Response from Forum members will be most appreciated. I'm considering the single-ended FM-155 to go along with the Symphonic-Line Kraft amp. Symphonic-Line recommends their RG3 MK4 as a perfect SS match or even their tube preamp Enlightment as a match. Nevertheless, FM Acoustics interests me but am not aware how it sounds & whether the integration will be perfect.
No one here on this Forum who has any experiences with FM Acoustics ???
I just received my FM 245 preamp and it is amazing paired with a FM 411 mk2. I am very satisfied with regard to the build quality and sound. The difference in the sound quality was dramatic and noticeable right away. I have no experience with the FM 155, but I doubt you would be disappointed. Good luck.
The FM 155 is a very good preamplifier but pay attention to the high gain
One of my friends needs to let the -20db filter turned on with a Pass Aleph Amp
I'm considering the single-ended FM-155 to go along with the Symphonic-Line Kraft amp.
Coincidentally, I used an identical combo some years ago: a stereo Kraft with a 155 & later a 266. Both with excellent results, better than the RG3 & the tube one. The FM is hyper detailed and the Kraft is (reportedly) wide-bandwidth, so all is fine. I didn't find it cool -- but then my whole system isn't very cool anyway; it's on the warm side of neutral (i.e. 100Hz is higher than 10kHz). As a matter of fact, I slightly preferred the little 155 (but the reason is probably psychological).
Other pre's that did well with Symphonics are the old Goldmunds, and the CATs.
Thank you gentlemen for the feedback. I appreciate it !!
Hello Gregm:
In another thread, I read you mentioned - "I got a 'Kraft' class A and control it with a transformer volume. So, I still use SL amplfication!"

I would like to ask you that you went from RG3 with full PS, then to FM Acoustics & then to Transformer volume (passive). Why and what were your findings when you went from RG3 to FM and then transformer?

Also, as you used the FM with the Kraft, did you find he Gain of the FM acceptable or too much that you may have had to keep the -20dB attenuator pressed-in all the time?

Sorry for asking so many questions but the pricing of the S-L RG3 with Turbo PS and the FM-155 are practically as par so its very difficult making the choice. Technically, it seems the FM preamps are a notch above their power amps and this interests me to look into their pre for a perfect match with the Kraft.
Why and what were your findings when you went from RG3 to FM and then transformer?
The FM was far better than my RG3 -- which was really good, all things considered. The over-driving wasn't a problem, the FM unit had been already used with a medium sensitivity amp & it sounded fine on mine (~1,2 v I think).
The reason I moved to a transformer is financial: I unfortunately needed to downsize my system and had to let the FM go. I tried a used Goldmund ("7") which was also very good on the Kraft -- but had to let that go too.

As to your conundrum between the RG3 & 155: the latest RG3 is reportedly better than previous versions, but I don;t really know it (my story goes back 3yrs). The point with the THEN rg3 was a slight instability in the high register -- which didn't exist with the FM.
Another advantage for the FM is the unit's size: it's tiny & light compared to the RG3 which is seriously bulky. Also I didn't have any remote for the FM (is there one now?).

Thanks for your feedback. None of the FM preamps are remote. The RG3-MK4 is with remote. Probably you may have used the RG3 which could be the MK3 version considering it was 3 yrs back. I've come across some Kraft owners who are using Sym-Line preamps - either the RG3-MK4 with the full Turbo Power Supply or the Tube pre called Erleuchtung. Some are using the CAT SL1.

Yes - the RG3-MK4 is quite a bulky unit and equally similar is their Turbo Power Supply unit. The FM is practically 25% of the entire RG3-MK4 + Turbo outfit.

I guess the only way to get to know now is to buy the FM-155 and pair it with the Kraft keeping fingers crossed and hoping it would be a superb synergistic match. If not, it will be for sale soon with a lot of investment loss !!


I really don't think you would be risking much with the FM -- in my time it really sang with the Kraft.
The CAT also sang beautifully with the Kraft... admittedly, in tubes I preferred the CAT to the Erleuchtung (but the Erleuchtung phono is, perhaps, slightly better than the CAT's). Regards
Gregm :

That's a nice assurance !! I appreciate it.

By the way, someone mentioned to me today that the best ever preamp he'd experienced with the Kraft was the hyper-expensive & exotic Dynaudio Arbiter preamp but this is not in my league.

Anybody has any experiences with the Arbiter ?
Hi Arupg & Gregm,

May I have your kindly advise whether the SL Tube PreAmp Ref or RG3 MK4 will be best matched with the KRAFT 300?

Many thanks for your help.
Hi Arupg, fyi top of line FM, their model 268 has a remote. And in the package, it throws in a 'superb' built-in linealiser section too! Imo, they are one of the finest, if not the BEST linestage currently available. From where I hail priced at around that of a brand new Benz E320!! Although in$anely expen$ive, I believe them to be a once-in-a-lifetime investment for most ( more the urge to upgrade!). Look one up, they are worth a listen!
Greenfiledhk, a bit late in the day
advise whether the SL Tube PreAmp Ref or RG3 MK4 will be best matched with the KRAFT 300
I have used both these pres (some yrs ago). Sorry to be pedantic, and pls believe me -- there is NO way I can answer the question: the two pre's sound slightly but definitely different.
As you'd expect, they are both an excellent electronic match to the Kraft.
I just heard a FM 255 in my system as well as my friend's and my god, NOTHING prepares you for it as we nearly died of shock in what we heard. We also had a Krell KCT and a Mark Levinson No.32 in hand for A/B/C and once the FM 225 went into the system, it made the other two sounded like a TOY. It is clearly IMO 6+ times better as everything about the sound is so correct, natural, resolution, dynamic, scale, timber.....OMG.....Yoy guys have to hear this thing in action.
It is that good that Im not listening to music with the other pre amps.
I just got my FM 255 MKII as well,,, and I am not going to list other pre-amp brands here, but ... OMG........

The flow of the music is like ,,, geez.. its like FIRETRUCK's Hose vs MOTEL 6 Shower head,,,, HUGE HUGE Difference,,

Once you hear that sound.. everything will seem different,, its almost like um...
the first time I saw MATRIX Movie ! its like eye opening ( but it is also bad , because it is burn a HUGE Hole in your pants. ouch.....)

But if I was restart my audiophile journey again , I will go straight to FM,,and not waste time on other stuff... it is that amazing. ! !!!
Cool! FM is awesome, unfortunately I can only afford used nowadays, really. But, a used FM is better than other makes new,eh?
if you started now to built a system and you wanted to use as preamp-amps FMA units ,able to drive proprly a pair of kharma mini exq.diamond 87,5 db/8ohm ,which gears you would use as start point?Certainly have to consider the factor badget.
able to drive proprly a pair of kharma mini exq.diamond 87,5 db/8ohm
The small monos (Resolution 111) should be more than enough for these speakers. Maybe even the Classic series 70W stereo could do the trick (I think it's cheaper than the mono's).

You shouldn't drive the speakers too hard, anyway --

Be warned that FM is many things -- but budget-priced is not one of them. They are VERY expensive!