Any experience with Yamaha CD-S700 ?


I need some feedback on this CDP.
My setup is Creek Classic 5350SE with Neat Motive 3 speakers.
I currently listen to FLAC that I rip from CD’s through a MF VDAC2.
I’m generally happy with this but since I now have lots of CD’s, I thought maybe it would be nice to play some through a dedicated CDP.

I bought an Arcam DV-135 as a temporary solution, it should be a decent CDP.
But I see these Yamaha’s coming up for pretty good prices recently.
I’m wondering whether these would have a better result than the Arcam, and if they have good synergy with Creek (or similiar amplification).

I also have some MA GX50 packed away, and those may replace the Neat’s eventually... whether that makes a difference or not.

I can't say specifically about the CD-S700 since I have never heard one, but the reviews I have read are pretty favorable.  I do have the bigger brother Yamaha CD-S1000 and it is one impressive piece, both physically and musically.  Build quality is way above it's price point.

I danced back and forth between the CD-S700 and the CD-N500 with it's networking capabilities, but ultimately decided on the CD-S1000 because of the obvious and the excellent price I got it for.