Any experience with Von Schweikert Master-Built?

Hi, does any one have any hands-on experience with Von Schweikert Master-Built audio cables? Speaker wire and IC's. They're also known as VSA Master-Built Cables. I'm buying a pair of VS 33's I heard at RMAF but can't find enough information on other users' experience with the cables and speaker wire? Thanks.
too much money for those wires and you might consider putting the money elsewhere in your system
I have VR5-Anniversary speakers and am using a complete set of Masterbuilt power cords, interconnects, and speaker cables. They're expensive, but they do elevate the system to another level. For example, replacing Shunyata Python and Anaconda power cords with the MB signature series brought a focus to the sound and made each instrument's timbre much more lifelike. Piano recordings especially are transformed. I know this is high praise, but in my system they worked wonders. My Spectron M3MkII monoblocks sound like they got a major upgrade. You can always return them for a full refund. One note, give the power cords 3 to 4 weeks to settle in.

Did you just join the 'Gon to post your plug on this wire? No feedback no posts no threads joined in Oct. Dare I use a double negative no nothing.

I responded to a request for feedback from someone who's had hands-on experience with Masterbuilt cables. What prompted you to respond to the thread?
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Fair enough Kernel. Thank you for your insight on this wire.
yes i have
they are much beter s.c then the kubla sosna emoction
that i use beefor on my vr4 sr
ihave not tride the powercord or e.c
I am going to jump in and share some thoughts as well. I have had several top name brands of cabling in my system as well as some of friends cables. If I listed them you would know them all. The Von Schweikert Master Built interconnects, speaker cables and power cords are what Albert said they are. They are without a doubt my favorite cables. It is hard to put into words but across the spectrum they elevate the presentation. I guess there are no perfect anything but these are keepers. I have the "Standard" power cords and they are amazing. Once again I have had some top quality power cords and none come close. I can share more if anyone is interested.
In other words you are thankful!