Any experience with Van Slyke Engineering?

Has anyone tried the products from this company? I am intrigued by the turntables and tonearm. He seems to have a no voodoo measurable scientific approach to dealing with resonances etc. Certainly not the usual slabs of acrylic or MDF. Check it out at: What do you guys and gals think?
Worst print ads in the history of high-end audio, IMO.
The table looks interesting to me. I would certainly like to hear one just to see how it performs. If performance is up to the hype, the price is very fair.
Yes Drubin, I must agree that those ads are odd. They remind me of the old Robert Lucas ads for do it yourself electrostatic speakers. Remember those? Please don't be offended, Mr. Paul Van Slyke, but, it is the weirdness of the ads that scares me away.
Everyone: Van Slyke is one of THE highest quality machining companies on this planet!!!!! Believe me if you are an amateur or even a professional astronomer, and you are doing astrophotography, somewhere in your setup you will have some kind of Van Slyke gizmo, device, or machined part. Their tolerances are of the highest order, and the stuff is built like a tank. They are NOT hype at all, they are mechanical engineers of the highest order!!!!! If they say something believe me it is twice as good as they say!!!Their ads in Sky and Telescope are just as weird, do not worry they have the highest reputation in the astronomy community!!!!