Any experience with Vac PHI200 power amp

Other than power issues, how close are these amps to Vac PHI 300 ?
Any one here driving these amps w/ Wilson Speakers ?
Shortlist: CJ LP70s, VTL monoblocks MB-125s, AR VS115, VAC PHI200s.

thanks for inputs...
Probably not an answer you are looking for.
Having owned VAC Vintage 100 monos and still own the Phi 70s (since 2005) along with a host of other gear.
I have to tell you that there is a "house sound" for VAC,
and perhaps thats how Kevin likes to voice his stuff.
They are both a bit lighter on bass and lean towards spaciousness over body.

All depends on your speakers and personal taste.
But if you plan on changing speakers all the time I would go for VTL MB125.
My experience is opposite the above post regarding bass response. The Phi 110 I once owned had the most incredible bass response of any amp I've owned including solid state amps. On that amp I did find the top end too soft resulting in a somewhat distant perspective. The PA100 is my resident amp and I don't find it overly spacious, lacking bass, or top end. However, the bass is not close to that of the Phi 110. My PA100 amp has shown the door to all challengers so far. I've considered the upgrade to the Phi input circuitry but I have not heard the Phi 200 to know if I would like the change.
Very interesting to hear Rhljazz's perspective.
I was comparing the VAC Vintage 100 monos with
BAT VK60, VT130, Classic 150 (owned them all at the same time) They were all driven my AR Reference 1.

Then its my Phi 70s, compared against all sorts of Counterpoint gear (NP220, SA220, SA100, NP100)
Sonic Frontiers Power 2, and homebrew KT88 amps.
(not that I should expect 300B amps to have oomph)

In all cases they were mostly driving Avalon Eidolons.
I would be interested in hearing owners of the PHI300 or the PHI200 as i think these are newer versions.
Not much reviews on these newer amps- but the show comments seems all positive.