Any experience with Unison Research?

I have a set of tubes (12AU7) by Unison Research ( that I use for back up. They don't sound like anything special in my system (CJ PV10A, BK ST1200, Alon 1), but does anyone else have any opinions on this manufacturer (tubes or gear)? Their amps/preamps "look" great, anyway.


Brad Day
Atlanta, GA
I used to own the SR1 integrated amp (80W X 2), which was 100% wonderful. Excellent customer service (at least in Europe). Unfortunately, it got stolen...
I have demoed the SR1 integrated and it sounded slightly better than pure solid state but I was not too impressed. I could live with the unit for a couple months but I would want to upgrade soon.
Yes, the whole system got stolen (including a Treshold Statis amp, a Linn Sindek LP-12 and a rare Spatial Coherence preamp), they did not take the speakers (too heavy?). That was in Paris, France.
Yes, it was an integrated.
Are you planning to purchase one? Do you have a dealer where you are?
Have a good w-e!