Any experience with Tyler Pro Dynamic speakers?

I am on a quest for a quality pair of sensitive speakers, 92db+ and a benign load. The Tylers caught my eye amongst others. Has anyone bought and used them? I realise they are quite new, I spoke to someone using the PD80's who enjoyed them, but found them on the bright side of neutral. I am interested in the smaller models, such as the PD20's, I could'nt get the 80's in my house. Rather I should say, i would'nt get them over the threshold if the "trouble and strife" was around(wife for you non Cockneys). Any opinions would be welcome.
I bought the first pair of PD-30s.Its been about 10 days now and they are breaking in nicely.Never any brightness.A big sound along with good imaging.Im using a Jolida jd300B with KR300B tubes.It fills up my 22x30 room with music.You can power these speakers with any amp! Im one who likes to switch amps/preamps around.These speakers are ideal for that.One big plus is the wife loves them!
JimFord Thanks for the feedback. In fact the 30 or equivelant was the version I was waiting for, the same size as the 20 but larger drivers and a bit better base. Do you find it critical for positioning, it is still pretty big and I would need too have it near to a back wall. I know its rear ported I wonder if it can take near wall placement without booming. The frequency response is'nt terribly low, do you miss the bottom octave? Sorry for all the questions and thanks for the feedback.
I've had the PD80's with the built in sub amps. I CANNOT handle brightness and I am very happy with these speakers. In fact, I use a Behringer DEQ 2496 and boost the highs slightly. When Ty says these speakers ROCK he wasn't kidding. I use a Mcintosh MC352 which powers only the mid/highs (sub amps run subs} and it is quite amazing to say the least. Another thing that surprised me was how good they sound at lower volumes.
If you were not satisfied Ty would take them back, so I'd say GO FOR IT !!!
If you were in the Calgary area, you would be welcome to come listen.
David12 Positioning of the PD-30s is no problem.Infact I just moved mine about 8 inches from the rear wall and was like I never moved them.I believe the speakers go lower then Ty has them rated for.I will offer the same as Nuguy,if your in area your more then welcome to come on over for a ear full of music.
Very kind of you to offer, but I live in the UK, a bit of a treck. Partly why your advise is welcome, auditioning is'nt easy.