Any Experience With This Cartridge Retipper?

I stumbled upon this retipping service on eBay. The principal is based in Connecticut and, FWIW, has been on eBay for just over a year and has excellent feedback,  Just curious if anyone on A'gon has used this service:
No experience. Anyone who lives/works in Connecticut and is a quality cart repair pro should be reachable by phone. Call them up!
Definitely get references first. It’s not easy telling the scammers from the legit providers, especially in this industry. That is one good reason to go with the well-known vendors. Failing that, there are still a few really good manufacturers of new cartridges today. Audio-Technica is one that has demonstrated their dedication to the vinyl industry, and they’ve been in it since the 60’s, which is commendable if nothing more.
Dear @rshak : Thank's for the link, it's an option for any one that needs retip service.

His feedback on ebay is 100% positive and he has a very good alternative for retip: boron cantilever with Micro-ridge stylus and other lower price options. Prices seems to me competitives.

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,
I think most of the cartridge owners are not an experts (including myself) and few of them ever seen a stylus or cantilevers under a microscope. It's very difficult to judge about retipping service, once a cartridge is back to life people are happy and will leave a positive feedback, because the job is done and the price is low. The ebay feedback is really nothing in this situation, it's important who left the feedback, for which cartridge, how knowledgeable it a person who left a feedback.  

And the most important question is why do you want to retip a cartridge if you can buy another fully original cartridge which can be much better than your previous cartridge or/and very close in pirce to the cost of retipping service alone. 
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