Any experience with this amplifier?

Previous clone editions of the Dartzeel have been sold here in the U.S. and I was wondering how did those stack up to lower tier ss amplifiers. This could be a good amp to upgrade.  
I have no experience with it and the price seems too good to be true.   So, for me, I'd be suspicious - especially since it is from out of the country.
likewise i have no experience with it; however fwiw a very knowledgeable friend of mine took a flyer on a chinese naim clone amp for around $250 and was actually pretty impressed. there are also a lot of quad450 clones on the market--they are skillful mimics if you're not concerned with patents.
Thanks guys. I asked because I recently purchased a Zero Zone tube preamp which is a CJ clone and the sound was dynamic with good midrange. I'm sure that with a few upgrades that preamp can compete with some very good names in the market. I'm saying this because I've owned several SS and tube preamps.