Any experience with Thiel CS7.2 and PBN EPS2?

Still looking to upgrade my Vandersteen 3A Sigs. Anyone compare the PBN EPS@ with Thiel CS7.2?
Thanks for any opinions.
Hey Brett,
I had CS7s (long story as to why I stupidly traded them in for Dynaudios; big mistake) and now have a pair of CS6s and CS2.4s in separate systems. There is a big difference between the PBNs and Thiels, that being that Thiels, like Vandersteens, are phase and time coherent.

I must partially disqualify myself in admitting I have never heard the PBNs but the only two speaker manufacturers I would ever consider owning are Thiel and Vandersteen. Once that time and phase thing gets in you ears and under your skin I guarantee that if you decide to move away from those attributes you will regret it within a year and want to return. On this last point I speak from direct experience.

Cheers, and please let us know what you decide. And if you go with the Thiels make sure you have a current delivery capable amp to drive them properly.
Thanks Steve. I have a great deal on some Montana EPS2 w/my 3ASigs on trade. If they don't sound better, we'll unwind the deal. Thanks for the input(I've heard that from other time and phase coherent users), and I'll let you know what I hear!!
I feel pretty sure the Montanas will best your Vandys. But I have been wrong before.......

We'll stay tuned here for further updates.

Hey Guys,
I just auditioned the Quatros today. They used an Aesthetix (about 225 watts) amp, 2 Cary preamps-Cinema 11 and SLP-03, Cary tube/transistor CD player all tied together with some active Audioquest cables. I really thought the Quatros would sound superior to my 3A Sigs, especially in the bass, but that was not the case. First, my system consists of a CJ CT-5 preamp, Spectron Premiere 7 (650watts)amp, Denon 5910-heavily modified by Dave Schulte of the Upgrade Company, all tied together with Transparent Ultra MM2 cables. My speakers are spread out over 10' w/a large entertainment cabinet slightly behind, but between the 2 speakers. The demo Quatros were spread out about 6 feet. My system presents the music with a much larger and deeper soundstage. I get more slam to my body than I heard/felt with the Quatros ( maybe because the subs fire down and not directly at the listener except for the 6.5" woofer as opposed to my 8" woofer and maybe also do to my 650 watts). Also, unfortunately for the demo, the Cary preamps don't have anywhere near the gain of my CJ, so realistic Mahler volumes were not available. They sounded very similar in the mids on up. The bass "may" have been a little tighter-hard to tell, but the overall presentation, at least to me did not equal my current system. To hear the Quatros with my system may change my mind, but I don't think enough for me to make the "upgrade".

Anyway, sorry for the rant. On Friday, I listen to the PBN Montana EPS2. I'm expecting great things, but if not, I've saved some money! I'll keep you posted.
Oh, I forgot to mention when demoing the Quatros, I also listened, briefly to the Usher 8571. My brief opinion is that the Quatro sounded better. Better resolution and transparency.