Any experience with these CD players?

Marantz SA8004 & Marantz SA-K1 Pearl. The Bryston CD player, The Denon DCD-A100 Anniversary model (also curious if the 100 Anniversary integrated is any good?)

Using several different units and still like the AR-CD2, but also like the sonic merits of SACD and would like to consider only one unit.

Are there any CD&SACD DACs?
What is the rest of your system like?

What type of sonic qualities and features are you looking for? Laid back, uber-detail, etc et al....

Are you interested in multichannel?

I have the Pearl and can speak to that - only does 2-channel, no HDMI outputs, but wonderous smooth sound for both CD and SACD.
Thanks to you both. I listen to female vocals and classic Jazz...mainly acoustic and ladies that are in that classic Jazz and Standards vein. That said I do have some rock and quite a bit of classical.

I lean towards the neutral side of sound. Gear I have had may help give you where I have come from:

ARC, Levinson, Conrad-Johnson, Classe, Bryston, VAC, BAT, and others,

Thiel, Magnepan, Martin Logan, Dahlquist, Advent, and several British monitors...

Most of what I have liked in cables has much to do with David Salz...Wireworld.

Tables and CD playeers have included Linn, Thorens and much more. CD wise, I have had most of what the best of Sony, Resolution Audio, Linn, Classe, ARC and others have had to offer.

I do use live music as a bit of a standard, although knowing that most halls are very over soft and a bit user friendly compared to studio recordings. Let alone where you sit is rarely ideal.

Don't mean to go on, but where I come from may help in your replies.

By the way, the changes on the AudiogoN site suck big time.