Any experience with the Tron Syren Preamplifier

I've read a very favorable review on this preamp. What, if any experience does anyone here have with this premium pre? My only concern when reading the review was the mention of silver wire in the design. Silver wire often denotes a certain hyper, bright character to the presentation of a component. Auditioning this preamp is near impossible in my locale.
Hi Frontier1. I'm getting the Tron 7 phono preamp. Go to the website for High Water Sound and call Jeffrey Catalano who imports the Tron Line. Jeff is one of the most respected and knowledgeable individuals in this industry. One example, understanding my taste and budget he recommended a cartridge that he does not even distribute.
I've heard the Syren several times. I own a TRON Meteor, which was the immediate pre-cursor of the Syren. In fact, my Meteor is Graham Tricker's (TRON designer) personal demo unit which was upgraded over time to use circuits very similar to the Syren. Mine is silver wired throughout and has WBT connectors.

What can I say? It absolutely is NOT bright at all. The 6moons review is pretty much on the money - not hyped up or overplayed. My Meteor sounds fabulous and the build quality is awesome. You will not find a better quality build anywhere. What's more, all the Syrens are built by Graham himself, as is all his kit. No outsourcing to a cheap far eastern factory.

I would email Graham himself ( or call him +44 1895 833099. You will not find a nicer guy to talk to in the hi-fi industry. He will answer calls until about 10pm UK time as well and often at the weekends too.

Jeff at Highwater is his US agent and Graham would want the sale to go through him (as he's pretty honourable about these things). In the past, he would consider selling his amps to overseas customers on a sale or return basis - he was that confident about his product. I'm not sure that he can still do that now. Also if you want to use a particular phono cartridge, then tell him and he will build the correct loading in.

I've known Graham for over 15 years now, but only as a loyal customer. I have no other connection than to say how happy I've been with his products and more importantly his after-sales service.

I hope that helps.

Best wishes,

Charlie just boosted my confidence with my purchase of the Tron 7. He's right on. Graham is changing out the single-ended outputs to XLR...for free. He's also upgrading the caps to the ones used in the Reference.

Putting aside superior sound for the moment, this is the main difference between all of those "other" companies and ones like Tron...handcrafted products/personal service.
Given that the sound quality is excellent, the ability to provide a truly bespoke service is almost unique in hi-fi terms. All the TRON pieces are built to order by Graham in his workshop at home. Inevitably there's a time lag between placing the order and delivery. But each amplifier takes between 70 and 110 hours of his work to build. Over Christmas, Graham was so busy that he was in the workshop on Christmas morning whilst his wife was cooking the turkey!

Graham's customers tend to be a quietly loyal band. I have only ever seen two of his preamps (a Syren and a 1997 Nucleus) and one of his power amps for sale second hand. That's quite telling.


If you want some pictures of the build quality, then let me know and I can send you some pictures of my Meteor
HI Frontier1

I have owned my Tron Syren for over two and a half years and it is wired front to back in silver.
It is by far the best and most important piece of hifi I have ever bought. A component for life. It has perormed flawlessly in the time I have had it, and Jeff's service from High Water Sound is second to none!

The sound of the Syren is not bright at all. It is extended and clean in both directions and makes most other tube preamps sound flabby and soft in the bass.

Dynamics are very impressive, the item is very quiet and I have not changed my tubes in the time I have had it.

The built in phonostage is the best I have ever used, and I have had my share through here.
I want to thank everyone for their possitive feedback on Tron components. I'm going to order the model 7 Reference from Jeff tomorrow. I spoke to both Graham and Jeff and feel confident in my decision. Having auditioned 5 or 6 preamps in the past few years, my urge to move forward has been restored.

Thanks again
Way to go Frontier1...magic time.

I'm glad we've been able to help. I know you'll be happy when it arrives.