Any experience with the Proac Response 5?

How do they perform when compare with the new D38? D80 and the Response 4?

How much would you pay for them? does US$8.5k some excessive if they are in new condition?

Any comment is appreciated.

Thanks guys!
Hi - I used to own the Response 4's and frankly they were one of the most disappointing speakers I have ever owned. I bought them and sold them for $9,000 USD's. They absolutely MUST be driven by tubes ( preferably triode ) and they MUST have a big room - they need to breath. I would think that the 5's might actually be a superior speaker - I own 3.8's right now, and I love them, much more musical IMHO, than were the 4's. just my honest opinion. (p.s. I have never heard the 5's)
how long ago were they bought and sold for $9000usd?

I am trying to figure out whether I should get the D38 for about US$5800 or the response 5 for US$8500.

Was considering the Vienna's Mahler too. At 2nd price of US$6500 though I thought it's a bit steep.
From what I read, the Response 4 wasn't that great of a speaker. I haven't got to listen to the 5, but I can say that the D80 sounded great. Great range and detail, absolutly a large speaker. I heard them in a large room.

They are listed at about the same price in the Blue Book (~7300).
Lucas911993: which speakers are you referring to when you said ~7300?

There are apparently very few pairs out there, but I am fortunate to own the proac response 5s for many years and totally enjoy them. They are so musical, as a violinist(hobbyist)with a very critical ear, I appreciate their sound . The speaker is full range and also used in my home theater I have them bi-amped with arc ref 2 preamp and a pair of pass x350.5. They use the atc midranges which are super!

To drive them I Previously used a pair of vt200s. This is probably overkill, but I used a single vt 100 and clipped the amp requirng repair so I went with the bigger amps. (a single vt200 was actually enough but the more the merrier but heat from the amps was too much.

I considered trading them for meridian 8000s but preferred the proacs. So I went for the amps instead.
I was fortunate enough to find a cc2 on audiogon and what a great match with those scan speak tweeters in meridian trifield.

enough said- I have changed every component I own except these- It would take a lot to get me to switch to another.
Kuchner: How good is the bass repsonse? I wonder what more does the ATC mid add to the Response 3.8...

Also, not really an easy choice between the Reponse 5 and the D80
One of my customers has owned Response 5s for several years. Good sounding speakers with good frequency extension. Contrary to what was said above, he uses solid state amplification to good effect, although they sound excellent with tubes as well. Many if not all the more recent ProAc models are lower impedance, generally in the 4 ohm range, so they are much less tube friendly, and that would include the D80.

$8500 is quite a bit more than the going price.