Any experience with The NSMT Model 25/Chorus Loudspeaker?


I came across this:

The speakers look very unusual and the specs are great.
Any idea about the company and this particular model?
Thank you!
Nothing new here! The DCM QED had a similar design and specs in 1976. And looked better with its square cross-section! Plus exemplary phase (time) response.
NSM out of NC is a new company to me! Why haven't I heard of them before? Maybe because I stopped reading Stereo Review long ago and missed that Julian Hirsch report on their Model 25!
@klen1959, I don't know much about NSM (now NSMT) or their sister company - Role Audio. However, I have been checking out their designs on their websites for many years. I've heard a couple of their small speakers and thought they were fantastic, sounding much bigger than their physical size would lead you to believe. I'm not sure they do anything revolutionary, but most of their speaker designs are a bit unusual when compared to the plan boxes most speaker companies are pushing these days.

I wonder if they have a showroom at their Research Park, NC facility? Would love to get a listen to the complete lines from both NSMT and Role Audio.
I was amazed by 97 db sensitivity and crossover-less woofer. I've heard about loudspeakers without crossover but they had a single speaker.
The JBL 100 ran its 12 inch woofer full-range! No coil! That partly explains its lively sound! That particular woofer was quite linear past 1K. Though the crossover had other problems! But no coil let the amp have better damping control of the woofer!
It also had a hefty magnet and a tight gap. Nothing beats a big motor for linearity!