Any experience with the Linn Classik Movie?

I am looking into a Classik Movie and just wondering what people think of it?
I heard this at a dealer. I didn't think it had enough power to be used as a hometheater in a box. Maybe the impedences on the speakers needed to be higher. I was listenning to it on the katans
Fabulous! For my small room (approx 12'x12'), with the Classik speakers and two Kans (so 3 Uniks, 2 Kans and the Afekt subwoofer), it has more than enough grunt to scare me rigid at times. The power goes way up without noticable distortion (apart from the walls and floor shaking).

I gambled with the seemingly high price having read so many glowing reviews, but now I think this tiny box of magic is worth every penny (mind you, I got a discount price).
Liked it so much, I swapped it for the Classik Movie Di (DPL II processing on all channels), and a brace of Katans.

yeah i want to know about this unit aswell,
whats the deal with the new one? the DI or something?
can the system support SACD?
how much is the DI?
how would this sound with my TUKANS?
i would need a tukan centre speaker right and i guess a couple of sekrets in the back would be fine and does linn do a subwoofer that isnt $5,000,000.

For details on the CM Di, see

Note: The transport, tray and laser are the same as the standard CMS, but the processing is enhanced, partly derived from Unidisk 1.1 technology. Dolby Prologic II processing is available for all sources (including external). Component video output available, plus 2 additional optical digital inputs. No direct SACD support (but you could use a dedicated SACD player as an auxiliary input - the CMS & CM Di CD player will probably sound better than a mid-range SACD player playing normal CDs).

It should sound great with Tukans - I have Katans which supposedly replaced the Tukans, and they match well.

You'll find a subwoofer makes a significant difference. I have the Afekt, lowest of the range (and cheapest!). An active sub, a bit smaller than the Sizmik, but uses similar technology. You can adjust its phase, volume, and low-pass cutoff to blend with your speakers and room accoustics.

Shop around on the web for the best prices.