Any experience with the Esoteric UX-1

I have an Ayre D-1EX DVD/CD player and really love it but I am considering the Esoteric UX-1. I can't seem to find much review or user info on it on the net. Do anyone have any experience with it and does anyone have an audio comparison of the Ayre versus the Esoteric. Other than the fact that the Esoteric plays SACD and DVD-A, which one in you opinion sounds better. They are in about the same price range. Any comments would be helpful
I have not heard the UX-1 but have listened to the X-01, which does only redbook and SACD and absolutely love it. Please note that the X-01 does not have DVD nor video, but has twice the DAC chips as the UX-1 and is supposed to sound better for audio than UX-1.
You may want to give a call to my friend John Loranger, proprietor of Rangers Audio in Beaverton (Or). His company carries both AYRE and Esoteric. Last I spoke to him he did have a UX-1 in stock. By the way, the UX-1 and X-01 cost the same. If your interest is purely audio you may want to consider X-01. The sound of X-01 is further enhanced by the application of an upgraded powerchord, like the Shunyata Anaconda.
Rangers Audio can be found at 508-627-0847.
I have a UX-1 and am very impressed with the unit. I have owned it now for 8 months and still find it great fun to listen to. The X-01 is better sounding, but the UX-1 is not that far behind. ( I did compare both in my home system, and went for the UX-1 for DVD-A/Dualdisc and the video.

Guidocorona is absolutely correct about the upgrade for the AC cable. It makes a very big difference in the sound. My favorite cable is the Revelation Audio Labs Precept.
Splaskin, did you ever compare the UX-1 to the Ayre D-1EX which I currently have? I don't really want to make a leteral move. I use the Virtual Dynamics Master Series power cable with it and Master Series interconnects and speaker cables in mu system as well
LBSILVER, you have a legitimate concern. Give a call to John as I suggested. He does carry both brands and is very familiar with UX-1. He will give you his very knowledgeable opinion.
I have personally compare X-01 with the Burmester 001 and Bel Canto PL1-a. They were all on the same system. X-01 was so much better than Burmester it was like night and day. Bel Canto was closer to X-01, but still no cigar.
My detailed findings are on the following thread:
Sorry, I have not heard the Ayre player. I think Guidocorona's advice is right-on.