any experience with the Consonance 211 amps?

I just bought a used pair and have been quite impressed once they broke in some. I have yet to try NOS US 211s.
Are those the 18 watt single ended ones, Ive heard some great things of them.
Well, 16 watts. They were positively reviewed in Enjoy the Music. I think they are excellent and wondered if others had tried them.
tickfight owns the 211's and mates them with VSA db99's.

Just saw this thread. Yes I own the 211. Solid amps, great soundstage, wonderful on vocals. All around very pleased with them. Check out Dec issue of for a most recient review of them. The reviewer compares them to 90K amps- They do all venues well.
Tickfight, it was the review that resulted in my buying a pair. Especially with NOS tubes they are exceptional.