Any experience with the Aspen Soraya Amplifier?

I have been reading about the Aspen Soraya CB105 amplifier on Audio Circle. The Aussies have some extremely positive things to say about this amplifier. My question is do any of you in the US have experience with this or any previous iteration of the amp? By experience I mean with the amplifier's performance (does it really walk on water like the Aussies say it does) as well as any issues with shipping the amp from Australia and and any repair or performance issues.

Thanks for the information.
Well i'm not exactly a U.S. source because I live in Melbourne, about 10km away from Hugh (who makes the Aspen Soraya amp). It is a sweet little amp, gives my Cary's a run for its money. What would you like to know?

I have corresponded with Hugh and he seems like a great guy and builds a good product. No question about that. The intent of this post is to try to understand how the Soraya compares to its US competitors.

At the current conversion rate the Soraya is approximately US$4700 plus international shipping and any import taxes. This price of admission gets you into some pretty good company like Ayre, Modwright, Cary, van Alstine, Odyssey, etc.

Many Aussies say this amp competes with amps 2-3 times its price point; I am just trying to understand this versus buying something "local". Especially since the purchase would be a leap of faith since I cannot hear the amp.
Crozbo sorry for the delayed reply. I only just saw it. Hugh hangs around some other audio forums, I think mostly audiocircle. It is a bit unfair to compare the Soraya to my Cary CAD-211 amps, but I have heard it in my system. The Soraya has much tighter bass, but the treble extension and detail retrieval isn't quite as good as the Cary. The overall sound tends towards slight warmth, but the amp isn't lacking in drive and rhythm.

Unlike some other amp designers Hugh pays close attention to the harmonic structure of his amps and designs for how well they sound. I have met the guy enough times to know.

Can not comment on Ayre, Modright, Van Alstine, Odyssey as none of them are available in Australia.
Sorry to dig up this old thread, but which version of the Soraya have you heard? Is it the earlier version or the 2009 version? I guess the 2009 version has some improvements. Not sure if those include a better treble extension or detail retrieval.

I know Hugh and the Soraya 2009 do have very different topology and give a real improvement over the previous Soraya amps.

Hugh explain it a bit there;

Here is the link to the Soraya 2009 listening impression by various buyers;


That may be, but what we still don't know, is which Soraya Amfibius compared to his Cary's.
Okay, the version that Amfibus heard was the old version. On top of that, Aspen has has a new flagship model coming out, the Maya.
Sorry guys, didn't know if there was an old or a new version of the Soraya. All I know is that Hugh Dean brought it over himself, so I presume it was the latest iteration at the time.
Hugh verified the one you heard was the old version. Now Hugh is coming out with his masterpiece. He debuted it in front of 110 people at an audio club meeting or something of the sort. Some of the attendees that had been there every year said the setup was the best sound they had ever heard at the event. Also a first, a standing ovation. The new amp will be called the Maya. I am going to give it a try for 30 days and if it is not my cup of tea I can send it back. All I would have to do is send it back.
my last line should read "all I would have to do is pay the shipping to send it back".