Any Experience with Tact RCS and upsampling DAC?

Hi all. I have an SCD-1 and recently sold my Dodson DAC. My plan is (was) to either wait for one of the new players to come out, such as the Accuphase 85, or possibly get the Audiocom upgrades to the Sony. However, what about the Tact room correction units. How have they performed, especially with their upsampling DACs. I'm interested in anybody's comments or experiences.
The TacT RCS 2.0 DAC does not upsample. Upsampling is not the end all.It is a good DAC, but the Dodson or the ML 360s is better. Also if you are going to use your SCD-1 you will need their A/D, because correction is done in the digital domain.
I was planning to try the tact on the digital output of the regular CD's, not the SACD output.

You should check some of the previous TacT posts--there's lots of good information in them. In one case I remember someone did a well-conrolled A/B comparison with some dCs gear(I think) and the TacT held its own, much to the surprise of the owner. Why not give it a try and see how it works in your system? Heck, even if you find you want another DAC you'll still reap the considerable benefits of room correction, which will probably make a much bigger difference in the overall sound of your system than the DAC anyway. Best of luck.


p.s. Jcb2000, did you do direct A/B comparisons between the DACs you mentioned, or are you going from memory? Just curious--would be interesting to know where the differences lie.