Any experience with STEALTH Cable?

Does anyone out there have any experience with the STEALTH premier speaker cables? I have not read anything about them nor tested yet. I am considering these or Bettercables or Anaylsis Plus Oval 12's. I'm particularly interested in the quality of the midrange and a non-glary high end. Thanks for any info
I just got a pair of Stealth PC Premier yesterday. I also got a new Preamp on the same day, so it's hard to assign improvements right now, but my system is sounding a lot better. I can say that the build quality on the cables is very good - they are nicely terminated, very heavy and quite rigid. Hope this helps. John.
I replaced a Biwire/Biamp triple of DH LABS T14 (single to HF, and shotgun double to LF) with Stealth PC Premier stereo pair (Biamped). Absolutely night and day.. improvement in bass, soundstage, and musicality. Will add Stealth FR silver speaker cables for HF very soon.
Have not tried the spkr cables, but the HAC pwr cord is very good. Give it a try-you have 30 days. Regards Bret
I'm using Stealth Premiers in one of two systems, with Dunlavy SC-II speakers, and find them very dynamic and nicely balanced. Stealth Ultimate Ribbons were better with Quad ESL 63's in another system. The Premiers replaced Audio Magic Spellcasters, and were clearly much superior. With the 30-day money-back guarantee, can you go wrong?
I also use the Stealth Premier speaker cables. I use two pair in a bi-wire configuration with my B&W N804's. I love the way these cables sound. The sound is very clean. The highs are crystal clear and the mids and lows are also. Much better than the XLO's I had before. When I added them the sound in my system became much cleaner and more dynamic. It was an immediate and obvious. I added the WBT spades and they are beautiful.
Thanks everyone for your comments. I am going with the Stealth premier cables. Once they are broken in, I can comment on them, if anyone is interested. Thanks again