Any experience with SP Technology Timepiece spkrs?

Was reading up on these SP Technology Timepiece 2.0's and 3.0 speakers, and was wondering if anyone's heard these at shows or a store, or maybe even owned them? What was your impression, associated equipment, etc. Curious-as they sound interesting
I have heard them several times at audio shows. Very, very nice speakers. I like the concept and I like the execution, and in fact if I didn't offer something conceptually fairly similar then SP Tech would be in my line-up.

They will be in 2 exhibits at the Rocky Mountain Audiofest this year. It would be a great time to hear them for yourself.
Yeah, won't be able to make it to any location named "Rocky Mountain" likely this year! Maybe they'll be at The Show in Vegas next year?
Not to dismiss discussion here, but they have their mfg-sponsored forum at Audio Circle. Lots of detail there.
I've heard them a few times. These speakers are first and foremost monitors; meaning they provide an unvarnished portrait of the recording. If you enjoy that type of sound, the SP's may be your cup of tea.

Hoggshead, thanks for your reply. I'm curious though - what do you mean "that type of sound"? Could you compare other speakers that have "that type of sound", and what others would have "a different type of sound" you might refer to, that I could compare? I've heard just about all types of speakers over the years, in the business. What categories of speakers might you be refering to, that I might get a better picture of what you're thinking, and be able to compare and contrast?

When thinking of monitors I think firstly of ATC then the others including Genelec, Dynaudio professional, Mackie, etc. These speaker are designed, especially the ATC's, to deliver the sound as it was recorded for near-field monitoring. Some love the sound of a monitor, others find the sound too neutral, thread-bare, etc. You really need to audition them to see, if they meet your listening requirements.

I heard them at RMAF with the Tweak Geek and at a friends home, they are very, very good speakers, nice imaging, but what I liked most was the tone of the speakers.
Bass is very good, full and controlled. We listened to the big transmision line SP speakers and the Bass was Amazing!
I could live happily with those speakers, a little tweaking (cables etc.) to get just my taste!