Any experience with Soliloquy speakers?

I am considering the Soliloquy line of speakers, the 6.3 to be exact, and am looking for commentary from the experts on Audiogon. Unfortunately, I have no way to audition this line. My system consists of Arcam FMJ amp and integrated and an Arcam DIVA cd62 CD player. I will be bi-amping with Alpha Core MI3 speaker cables and use Transparent interconnects.

I appreciate any input you may have. Thank you.
I really don't like commenting on specific products since everyone has different tastes and different needs. However, I was recently in the market for new speakers and the 6.3's were on my "want to hear list." Two local dealers had them on their web sites, so off I went. At each store I was told they were no longer carried. When I asked why I was told that they couldn't sell them when people compared them to their other speaker lines. One store mentioned some problems with quality control.
I finally found a place to hear them and thought they sounded OK, but were not in the same league as other speakers I tried. I ended up buying Gershman Acoustics. To my ears, the Gershmans outperformed the 6.3's by leaps and bounds (for about the same $). But, like I said, my tastes and associated equipment may be different than yours so I would urge you to find a place to hear them before making a decision. Your ears can tell you more than my (or anyone elses) advice ever could.
I have a pair of Soliloquy 6.3 speakers and they are FANTASTIC! The one shortcoming is break-in time, at least 400-500 hours. I am using a Redgum RGi120s integrated amp and an Arcam CD92. This is a wonderful combination. I changed from Kimber 4tc speaker cable and Hero ics to Acoustic Zen matrix ref ics and Satori speaker cables. This really opened up the system and took the 6.3s to another level. They need some time with speaker placement experimentation to get them right, but when they are they are simply awesome. They have very deep powerful bass, especially for their size and driver compliment. Mids are very fluid and natural. The highs are silky smooth, good extension, but not overly bright or fatiguing. I listen mostly to acoustic jazz, blues ,and assorted classic rock(Allman Brothers, Stones, etc), and they perform well with all of these, and at all listening levels.
I think they are excellent. Feel free to contact me directly for more information.
I am with Clingman and Bbroussard on this one.If these are so bad why are they being used as reference speakers by different HiFi Mag reviewers.I use my 6.3s with a Music Reference RM9 MK2 and a Quad 99 CD-p as a source.Don't be fooled these speakers kick ass! I can get a flat 25 hz response from these with a 25 watts per channel amp.The baffels on these speakers are 2 inches thick.Try to find another speaker with just these two characteristics any where near their price.And while doing this remeber there is only two 6.5 woofers and a tweeter!The 6.3s are extremely dynamic and it want take alot of juice to wake them up like some of the competition! Avoid the hype and trust your ears.Some dealers don't even realize that the speaker takes 500 plus hours to break in and this causes bad reviews.Checkout the new review from Sensible Sounds on the 6.3s.Good luck !
I just happened upon this discussion group as part of my research as Manager of Business Development for Soliloquy. I really appreciate the kind words you folks have had to say about the 6.3 speakers. If any of you have difficulty in finding a source for auditioning the speakers, please contact me. We are working to expand our dealer network and provide continued excellent customer service for our products.

I personally have all our line in my house for demo purposes, but find myself listening to the 6.3s driven by the Marsh Sound Design P2000t and A400s, with a Cal Audio Labs Delta/Sigma combo. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the music, I forget what I am supposed to be doing - which is letting folks like you know about our speakers.

Should any of you have any questions about Soliloquy speakers, Marsh Sound Design equipment, or AAD speakers, please free to contact me or our CEO Dave Berman. You have my email address. Dave can be reached at We are all passionately committed to providing incredible value, breathtaking sound, and timely, effective customer service.
Dave Stanard