Any experience with Rick Schultz SACD mods?

Rick's Millenium DACs seem to be widely praised. I'm considering having him mod my cheapo sony SACD/DVD player. Anybody tried this, specifically with the 500V?
I am also keen to learn the opinions of any one who's had their SACD player modded by Tweakaudio (Rick Schultz), in my case the Sony DVP-S9000ES. What did you have done? What were the results? This is important, as Schultz makes it clear that, in his opinion, his modded units outperform MUCH more expensive stock components.
My experience is that Rick is BRUTALLY honest, to the point of hurting his own business. He is not taken to "hype" and basically says what is on his mind without overstating anything. I know for fact that he has talked people out of doing business with him. He thought that they had better options and told them so. I know this because he's done it to me and a few others that i know. You have to respect a man that stands behind his product and is not afraid to recommend someone else's product or work. Sean
I completely agree with Sean...Ric is very honest and he loves what he does. If he was in this business for money, he'd be very rich by now. Instead he follows his inspiration and he does what he enjoys. He is sincerely thrilled by the recent advances in digital technology and he loves taking a fairly good product (like one of the Sony SACD machines) and tweaking them to the best they can be at the most reasonable price-point. I just talked to him recently and I got the impression that he hasn't really begun manufacturing his mods yet...not commercially. He's developed his mods, but he was waiting for the financing to begin the production. He said he was taking names and had a waiting list. I have to be may take awhile to receive one, but it will probably be well worth the wait. I think I waited for 8 or 9 months for my Millenium 2 DAC (but there were extenuating circumstances at the time...I don't think that will be the case with the SACD mods). I highly recommend talking to Ric yourself. He's extremely nice and he can give you a better idea what the mod situation they sound...what to expect, etc.
I agree with the above posters.He talked me out of one of his DAC's.Straight up guy and am waiting for when he is ready to start modding DVD Players.He's the kind of guy you want to do business with.
I have the Millenium II - an incredible dac
He no longer makes this piece because he believes he can do better selling all in one "in box" dac mods to original units

that alone was a big gesture
and one would think was a direct negative to his income

I suspect he has not released any modded units yet
but if he ever does the low line toshiba dvd's with dvd-audio I will send mine off asap