Any experience with RAIDHO C 2.1 / D 2 / C 3.1

Hi. Looking for some input regarding the sonics of the above mentionned Raido speakers - if possible in comparison to Tidal, Lumen White, Wilson Audio or Kharma speakers.

As you probably remember, I'm an electrostat lover, but I can honestly say the Raidho speakers are the most 'electrostat-like' box speakers I ever heard. Avalons and Peak Consult are very close. All three are VERY expensive -- and also the sonics of all three are superior to Wilsons and Kharmas IMO.

I first heard the Raidho at CES where Jim Aud (of Purist Audio Design) was using them to demo his cable products (I walked into his room thinking the speakers were what was being demo'd ;~) and I've so far had no reason to change my mind . .

I did wind up buying some cables from Jim ;~) But if you can afford the Raidhos, you will keep them for a lifetime.
Can't say I've ever been able to compare them, but I sure loved the Raidhos that were being demo'd w the VAC electronics at the NY show a couple of weeks ago. But at that price, I'd fly if I had to, in order to compare them.

The Radhos are very transparent speakers, but I would have to say not enough bass or dynamics for the price, the Vivids are equally transparent and outperform the Radiho's in terms of bass and dynamics.

The Vivids are spectacular speakers and really offer everything that you could want in a loudspeaker.
Thanks for the infos. Which Vivids are you refering to ? Which Raidhos were demoed at the show ?