any experience with Pipedream 21 s ?

I am getting the 21 s very soon. Two sub cabinets rather than four are included. Any real world experiences that can help me prepare for their arrival would be of enormous help. I have the Classe Omega amp/ pre combo on Nordost spms at this time. Bat vkd-5se cd . Very high ceilings open to a large great room with angled walls everywhere. Where do I sit in relation to width which will be most likely 8-9 feet apart. Can only be 4 feet from back wall however. Any suggestions that may help? Also I need advice on a sub amp. Thanks in advance, brent rainwater.

I am very intriqued with the Pipedream 21s and would maybe like an audition. May I ask where you purchased them? I think that there dealer network is pretty small, right?
the SPM has a brighter lower treble than the reviews claim it actually is. The upper bass is much too thin and lacking in body and weight. Not too even mention the extremely low level detail it fails to transmit to your speakers other cables like XLO UNLIMITED EDITION clearly reveals for you.
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