Any experience with Opera Callas monitors?

I've recently obtained a pair of Opera Callas monitors here on A'Gon. My current speakers are floorstanding (Vienna Acoustics Mozart), so I'm in need of speaker stands. The problem is that I'm really attached to my current speaker cables (Cardas Hexlink Golden 5-C) but they aren't long enough to reach if I put the Operas on a tall stand. So I'm thinking about the Mapleshade stands or new speaker cables. Any suggestions?
I use Mapleshade golden double helix speaker cable and their 4" maple platforms for my tube monoblocks with excellent results (and it looks great as well!) I found the maple stands to add substantial sonic texture and depth to already superb amplifiers.
Good idea, except it's "amp" (MF a3cr) not "amps". I suppose that I could get some serious channel seperation with a chain saw ;-).