Any experience with one box "multi channel" spkrs?

I am interested this, not for my main home theatre set up but another room where I do not want a lot clutter etc...something that will make do. Noticed Polk, Yamaha have such speakers out....has anyone have experience with them? Any others that make sense to investigate? The new Gallo seems to be only a center channel...for use w/ a plasma
I heard the Yamaha @ HE 2005 in NYC, it was pretty impressive for what it was, in the right room, it actually does have surround effects. The overall timbre of the unit was very nice as well given the price point. FWIW it also functions as you receiver, so all you need are your TV, cable box, DVD player etc...

I have a buddy who is a fellow AV junkie who needed something for his living room, and space was a real issue, we mounted one over his TV, and ran all the sources through it. Though his room has very odd side walls, so he doesn't get any real surround effects, it is an excellent LCR system for him in that situation.

His wife didn't even kill us when she came home to us drilling into the living room cabinets to mount the 'L' brackets....
Thanks Kenny...sounds exactly what I am looking for...something for living rm or bedroom TVs...don't want home threatre mixed up with my main 2 channel system (living rm) and have sep home theatre set up in another just want a flat panel, min of boxes and decent sound. I think there is also a Mirage speaker out for L/C/R
Howdy. I heard the Yamaha 800 at CES and they also have the 1000, which wasnt being demoed as far as I could see. I also auditioned the Polk. Moreover, totem has a three speaker flat system for plasma/lcd HT that I demoed as well. Just on the Yamaha/Polk issue, since you are asking about all in one, the Yamaha is better. But neither was set up in an oportune environment either. One thing, the dialog is much clearer standing directly in front of the Yamaha and lost clarity for me noticably as I moved to the side.

My friend almost refused to try the Yamaha after listening to the Mirage..... on my rec he tried it and is happy. YMMV, but for him the Mirage was unacceptable sonically.
One thing though....apparently the Yamaha is designed to bounce off the walls so u need to keep the walls fairly bare and symmetrical lay out is quite important where as POLK isn' least that's what I gather from reading their websites...
Home Theatre recently rates Polk ahead of Yamaha...guess I need to try to audition myself. Mirage is only 3 way.