Any experience with Newform Research speakers

There are several planar hybrids on the market now that are available by mail order. I am curious about the Newform Research models. Besides needing all the other good stuff in a new speaker, that is, tight bass,good imaging, wide sounstage, and overall musicality, I need a speaker with a small footprint that will not overwhelm my room. Also, are many of these planars just home theater speakers which are designed to just reproduce "glitzed-up" special sound effects on DVD, and are neither accurate nor musical???? This issue alone could make an interesting discussion thread!!!!
Hi Sunnyjim. The newforms are for real. I own an early model, the r-8's 2's. The newer 645's would be their replacement model.....once you hear good ribbons it is hard to go back to box speakers.....Have you checked out the topic here in the archives and in the topic forum at Audio Asylum? Lots to read about them. I've had mine7 years this month. They are easy to drive, very detailed, fast, and show everything you do in the chain....ribbons take awhile to break in but well worth it....Yes, I find them very accurate but musical at the same time.....regards, Bluenose
Hi sunnyjim i have the 645s.They image excellent.They are transparent.My friend had to walk up to them and press his ear near them because he was sure the music was coming from soundstage is deep and wide.They are slightly laid back.The biggest suprise was the bass.It is quick,tight and deep. no one note bass here.Every one who hears cant believe it has such deep bass for the size of woofers.I use a 35 watt aloia amp.Adcom 750pre,sony es777 cd player.It sounds great.My apogee centaur minors sound a little more transparent but loses in dynamics and LF.I sold my B&W 802s.
I heard them at the New York show recently. I was very impressed. I owned a pair of B&W Nautilus 802's and was a little discouraged with their performance after a lengthy break-in period. It was the Newforms that had me going until I heard another pair which shall remain nameless. However, the Newforms were great, and I will keep them in mind when I change speakers again and don't have to take asthetics into as much consideration. The wife factor being what it is,and the fact that while they have a small footprint, they are overwhelmingly tall and dominate a room with their appearance. Sound-wise, VERY HARD TO BEAT!!!!
Good luck!
I have an almost new pair for sale here. Read my comments about them. They are really amazing. The footprint is small but they are tall and thin. Jazz, big band and movies are stunning because of the ribbons' speed and airiness. Bass is great too. Try to listen to a pair somewhere for yourself.