Any experience with new Zu Event Speaker Cables?

Not much information on these. Particularly interested in comparisons to ZU Libtec or current production 1K speaker cables (Synergistic, Analysis Plus). Thanks.
thought these cables were available winter 2010-11 - surprised no one has them given how popular the new Zu speakers are. See Srajan at 6 moons lists them as his only cables.
Replaced my Libtecs with a trial of Mission SC initially. Found the Missions to have a full presentation with increased base, but loss of high end air and detail that the Libtecs provided. A pair of the Zu Event Speaker cables became available for me to try and they are a nice improvement in my system. The have the airy and defined, but not etched highs, a full midsection, and improved bass definition compared to the Libtecs. In my system the Events are now fixtures and the Libtecs and Missions will look to enhance someone else's system.