Any experience with NAD PP 2 preamp?

How does it compare to other 'budget priced' selections like the Creek OBH-8 and Musical Fidelity X-LP?
I own a PP2 and have been happy with it. I haven't heard the Creek or the Musical Fidelity so I can't comment on them. When I bought the PP2 I also listened to the Music Hall phono preamp (I can't remeber the model) but the NAD seemed a little fuller sounding. I'm using the PP2 with a NAD C350 integrated and a NAD C270 power amp (biamping). Prior to that I was using the phono stage in my Linn Majik. I was concerned that the PP2 would not be as quiet as the Linn, but it seems to be. I like the sound of my Rega P2 and the NAD PP2 better than the sound of my Rega Planet 2000. For the money the PP2 is really pretty good. Hope this helps--

The PP2 is a great great value. Especially considering the new version is MC too!!

I have used many of the "low budget" phono preamps: Music Hall, Parasound, and Creek.

The (original) Creek IS better with MM, but not by leaps and bounds. And it doesn't even offer an MC alternative.

Again, the PP2 is a proven value.