Any experience with Mozart Phono Eq + Step=up ?

More details :
from the website
Mozart Phono equalizer amplifier has 6 position different equalizer curbs, combining of three different Turn Over frequencies and four different Roll Off frequencies. These 6 position covers almost all early LP record equalizer curbs.

EQ position, Turn Over, Roll Off

Old RCA, 800Hz, 3000Hz
Old Clumbia, 750Hz, 1590Hz
Decca ffrr, 500Hz, 3000Hz
RIAA, 500Hz, 2120Hz
AES, 400Hz, 2500Hz
NAB, 500Hz, 1590Hz

In order to determine equalizer position, look up label name in the equalization charts list and find out suitable equalizer curb. Uou turn equalizer knob to choose correct equalizer position from 6 different curbs. Please note that some LP mono records pressed recently may be equalized in RIAA curb.

Mozart Phono uses ECC85(6AQ8) in CR type equalizer circuitry. This enalbeto work at very low impedance at high quality sound standard.
Question is how does it perform?
I want something like this eventually. Pity Hagerman stopped making his. Any experience with Graham's Jazz Club or Revelation? Pity I can afford the AMR phono stage.