Any experience with Monoprice Monolith Amplifiers?

Has any one experienced the Monoprice monolith Amplifiers? I've always has 5-star experience with their house brand things.

Anyone used these with high end speakers? Any audiophile opinions?
If you want true high end on a beer budget, look at Odyssey.
Somewhat old question, but I'm currently running a 6 ohm Sunfire ribbon 5.2 (CRS3s, CRS3C, CRM2s) with Marantz AV7703. I've been pretty impressed with the stability and dynamics at higher volume levels. At the price point for essentially an ATI amp, it's pretty hard to beat. For reference, previous amp was a Sunfire Grand Architect II (225 X 5). 

It's a pretty heavy amp. Our 1970s Danish credenza just couldn't handle it. It's now in a Salamander entertainment center.