Any experience with mod squad phono drive?

I have the one with outboard power supply. Just wondering what cables are recommended to optimize performance. I find that the soundstage is pinpoint accurate and detailed. But the sound is glassy and the bass lines lacking in body and depth. This went for $1600 new. My reference comparison is an old CJ Motif 7 with tube headamp.

Hard to say. I think it really depends on the rest of your system. All cables are essentially tone controls to one degree or another, so unless someone has your same system and your same room it's hard to say. I have the MSPD with the internal power supply and am using some older Taras with great success. I found them by trying a bunch of different brands and seeing which I liked best. If I were you, I would contact the Cable Company (1800-FAT-WYRE) and try a range of cables. They are great about recommending brands to try, and all of your rental fees go towards ANY purchase from them, so you really have nothing to.
I have a McCormack phono drive but don't know how it looks/compares technically to the Mod Squad? If they're even similar (this could be possible?) I was using Synergistic Looking Glass phase-II interconnects with good results, but the old Audioquest Lapis were still decent although not quite as smooth/natural. Later I tried experimenting with add-on termination resistors on the moving coil input, & found that a 110 ohm load sounded better than the stock 47k-ohm load. I never did exactly match the input-Z to the cartridges' output-Z & found out later that this could possibly perform even better, although I was reasonably close as-is. The phono stage was driving a McCormack TLC-1 Deluxe preamp via those Looking Glass interconnects at that time.