Any Experience with Michael Green's Speakers?

I keep seeing recurrent Michael Green ads time and again.
Has anyone had any experience with his speakers?
I first heard MG speakers at a show, the Chameleons,and was really impressed with their imaging and staging. You really felt like the performers were in the room with you. The MG speakers can do this amazingly well when set up according to their recommendations.

I later purchased a pair of Rev 60i, and later some Classic 60s. They're similar in sound, the Classics being noticeably more refined. Quite musical with excellent soundstaging, especially if you're able to pull them out from the front wall.

A few years ago I put them side-by-side with some Talon Khoruses in my main room, and other than the expected sacrifices in the low end and with macro dynamics, they fared pretty well. Open mids (in a way even better than the Talons) and sweet, fatigue-free highs. Not the last word on detail, but still good. Again, great stage.

Unfortunately, both are presently being used near front walls in my bedroom and living room, and not showing their best there. They really need some room to open up (rear-port). Paired with a sub, they could make for a good option for a full range system.

Their claim to fame, however, is the 'tuning' bolts on the sides that allow you to tailor the sound to your liking. They work, and they're pretty neat way to affect detail/bass-tightness, etc, but are somewhat subtle (probably a good thing) and not as significant a change as using room correction a'la Tact, which I use in my main room. But they're fun to play with, like rolling tubes or changing cables, and it's easy and free.

One last thing: I think they're somewhat overpriced at their list prices relative to other speakers, even more-so if you're not into tinkering, or can't pull them out into the room where they sound best. All things being equal, I'd probably go for a diiferent speaker at $3500 (the Gallo Ref 3, if they were more attractive, or maybe DeVore) but if you can find one used theycould be a good, easy-on-the ears option.
He makes speakers? I thought he did room treatment.