Any experience with LAMM?

I had the opportunity to hear a LAMM amplifier and I feel they are very colored, slow and round sounding. Any one else have other experience with LAMM amplifiers. The models I am refering to are the 1.1 and 2.1 hybrid amps.
I have experience with the ML-1 monoblocks and they are not at all as you describe. They are very neutral and fast with great overall balance. The midrange is among the best. A very fine product, as all the glowing reviews would indicate.
I have M1.1. and L1 in my system. They are really among the best in the world especially with L1 like preamp. They are not as you describe.They are simply more musical,fast and neutral.
The system you heard them in must have other problems, the Lamm gear is among the very best available, and quite neutral. The Lamm ML2 is the best amp available at any price.
The Lamm amps that I heard were through Tara One spkr cables and Tara One interconnects using ML 32 preamp and the new Reval Salons with Linn Ikemi cd player and ML 30.6 dac. It seemed that the amps ran out of head room at loud levels as well as threw the timing and pace off. Even though it did have a great full sound at mid volumes, the overall sonics were not correct in its integrity especially at fairly loud level. It seemed that as volume got higher, the sound started to fall apart and I could not make heads or tails on some complex passages (timing, pace, accuracy of pitch, over bloom, timbre, and extensions). Could it be something else in the system. Also had a pair of JR Model 10's on hand that seemed to beat it hands down at high levels and it never seemed to run out of head room (amazing for the small foot print). I do not know much of the ML1 and ML2 tube amps, except was not impressed with build quality for what they charge. The sound of ML1 and ML2 tube amp is another matter but require very speakers that are matched and agin I think it is over priced.
I have the 2.1's I have owned Audio Research, Levinson, Krell, BAT, etc. The Lamm's are by far the most neutral and musical amps I have ever heard including lots of high end stuff I've auditioned that I did not buy I drive my Von Schweikert's very hard at times the never waver in the quality of reproduction Simply the best