Any experience with Kharma Ceramique Sub.?

Does anyone own Kharma Ce sub or heared it with any of Ce series?
Iheard them at HE2004 and felt they did not come close to blending with the CE3.2 but that should not stop the mainstream press from giving it a rave review.If you are a current CE3.2 owner (which I am not,but,LOVE them)think carefully about mating any kind of sub with them,unless you can't live without lots of bass.I've heard the 3.2 on many occasions and they can really pump superb QUALITY bass.Those 7 inch mid/bass drivers are just way too responsive for one to keep the magic of the design when coupled to any sub.It's just my own observation and opinion so maybe you may feel differently.Good luck.
I posed a similar question regarding experience with the Kharma sub mated with the 3.2's. While the thread got carried away, you will find that many people felt that the sub integrated very well with the ceramique 3.2FE. Importantly, it was felt that the sub did not interfere with that Kharma disappearing act, huge soundstage etc. I understand that there will soon be a review in TAS by JV in the near future, beyond his teaser in a previous TAS issue in his HE 2004 review.
I have had the sub in my system for about 2 weeks now. I'm using it with the 3.2's. Although break in is not yet complete, I can say that this sub is nothing short of miraculous. Despite it's large size, it completely disappears, with perfect integration with the 3.2's. Adjustments are made with a wired remote. They include high pass, low pass, slope, phase level, and it has a 3 channel EQ.
The sub adds the physical punch to the bottom that was missing with the 3.2's. It also seems to expand and deepen the soundstage-I have no idea why, but it's not a subtle change.
I can say to everyone that has the 3.2's, you really can't imagine how this sub can take it to a whole new level.
I just got through reading Valin's review of the Midi-Exquisites/Sub combo. He claims it's the best playback he's ever heard in ANY room in his lifetime. I realize he's a reviewer but one that's credible IMO.

Kharma may have hit a "Grand Slam" with this prooduct if it's as good as everyone says. I've been told it not only brings the terrific 3.2's to another whole level but does the same with the more expensive Kharma's.

Any other owners,dealers or perhaps Bill P. at GTT care to comment.
I have had the Kharma sub for several months. I have now gone through the breakin period. I used them with the Kharma ceramikques 3.2. In my opinion, this is a fabulous sub that integrates perfectly with the 3.2. My listening room is 18' x 26' with an 8 foot ceiling. Because of the low ceiling, most of the music is not played at very loud level. This is an amazing sub because it gets nuance of the double bass perfectly with the boom and the second and third order vibration one would get with a live concert. More importantly, this sub completely disappears when placed between the speakers about 1 foot from the backwall and about 1 foot behind the 3.2. I have programmed the sub to Bill P. at GTT specification, with the only exception that the sub high pass is set at 60 hertz (instead of 55). You cannot go wrong with this combination. Over the years, I have my share of subwoofer and woofer, Entec and Gradient subwoofers with Quad ELS63, Wilson Puppy. Without a doubt, this is the best speaker-sub combination I have heard in the last 20 years. I think I will stick with this for a long long time.