Any Experience With JM Lab SW900 Subwoofer

I curently own the JM Lab Electra Speakers for my home theater. Does anyone have any experience with the SW900 sub?
It's down firing and that is a concern of mine. The other sub I was interested in purchasing is the Velodyne DD-12.
Is the SW900 a good Home Theater subwoofer?
Thanks for any help!
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Yes I do. It is a magnificent subwoofer. It has a huge amount of output. It works for movies and music. It is very tight and able to shake the room with authority. It is also built very nicely. Don’t let the down ward firing bother you. It sounds visceral none the less. I have measured well over 100db and at times nearing 110 and beyond in my room. This was measured with the digital Radio shack SPL meter with no correction. But max SPL is not what this sub is all about, even though it has no problem in that area. Like I said before, it is a stand up performer. The LOTR movies and Starwars films just sound incredible.. The bass seems to be going very deep. If you are looking for something with class and style, this is the one. I am in the process of reviewing it and will post it on a number of forums, like the home theater forum and the secrets of home theater and high fidelity forum. Do your self a favor and check it out. It is quite a performer. I also have the Electra 927Be and CC901 center.