Any experience with Harmonix feet

Hi Guys!
Read good things about Harmonix tweaks in general.
Interesting in feets for my Merlin VSM-Mx. Been thinking of RF-900 mk2 or RF-900.
I have wooden floor on top of concrete ground with plastic foam in between against humidity and also makes floor not so hard to walk on.
Any experience, thoughts and ideas greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks!
Sorry, no experience with the Harmonix stuff, but before spending that kind of money on speaker spike shoes I would try a set of brass disks under the Z-feet first.

I used to use the Harmonix RF 999MT Mk2 feet on my Aerial Model 9 speakers.

They tightened up the bass, improved the focus and imaging of the sound stage, and made the music a little more organic sounding.

My floor was granite and i thought it was firm and hard enough for the speaker not to be bothered by vibrations. Boy was i wrong!!

I have loaned these footers to 3 other friends with heavy speakers (over a 200lbs a side), all three of them bought their own sets.

With my current speakers (Genesis 5.3) and its built in suspension system, the footers did not work out as well, both the speaker and the footers did not want to play well....which resulted in a messed up sound.

See if you can find a Harmonix dealer to send you a set of loaners....

Since your floor is not so stiff (slightly springy), you may want to go to Home Depot and get a piece of Granite (inch thick) cut to the foot print of your speakers and try that as well....this MAY help to stabilise the floor from springing....
Thanks guys!
Merlins weighs close to 85 pounds so I will try Brf:s advice.
Agree entirely with Teck5. I am using RF 999-MT myself with dramatic impact; they proved to be a necessary addition after redecoration of the listening room.

Be aware, Harmonix themselves call these "tuning feet", so nothing to experiment with in a whim! You really need to audition these and it is advisable to talk to a certified Harmonix dealer about what may be the best fit product in your room with your speakers.

Just for the sake of additional information. Stone platforms, as suggested bw Teck5 may actually be a full-fledged option rather than someting additional. May I ask you, where you are located? There is a small local company here called Subbase Audio who manufacture brilliant loudspeaker platforms. Custom made only, they use slate, instrument wood and a mix of minerals (that remains undisclosed proprietary research, of course) in a variety of finishes at a cost that may be well below 2 sets of the big Harmonix tuning feet. (Don't know whether the latter still holds if they had to be sent overseas, hence my previous question where you live).) Anyway, these heavy platforms do not "tune" in any way, they stabilize the speaker and elimine detrimental influences to the highest possible degree, whilst at the same time optimizing coupling and effectively dissipating resonances. I have similar platforms for my amplification that work great.
Sorry, no English version, to see the product, click Subbase écho LS on the left, on the new page there are thumbnails that will open a gallery when clicked
Hi Karelfd!
I believe Merlins Z-spikes are internally damped.
Using a platform from Subbaseaudio which is also damped I believe will be to much on a wooden floor with plastic foam underneath.
RF 999-MT from Harmonix are mainly for much heavier speaker than Merlins and will not work optional with Merlins in my room I believe (correct me if I´m wrong).
But thanks very much for your advice, like everything else it´s a matter of synergy.

A dear friend of mine will turn some feet made of bronze
tomorrow with a countersunk hole in the middle for spikes.
My present feet are made of Delrin and sounds ok. Curious if bronze will improve or maybe even the combination.
Unfortunately in Sweden, were I come from, possibilities of testing at home are very limited if not zero. In U.S. competition is much higher.

Have a nice day!
Would these work with carpet on top of 9 inches of concrete or would I be better off putting them directly on the concrete using 400 pound speakers?
Hi Husk01!
"Would these work........................"
Are you refering to Harmonix RF999-MT or what?
Clabe, Yes, I was referrng to the RF999-MT.
Hi Husk01!
RF999-MT are specifically made for heavier speakers. I believe in a firm foundation i.e. anything with a denser material than carpet will improve.
Well, in my particular case the RF999-MT actually cured the detrimental effect of new carpet. Again guys, Harmonix are tuning devices that have to be auditioned, always (which is also the reason why general statements such as "X is better than Y" are meaningless).
Clabe and Karelfd, My choices are as follows: 1. Spike the speakers through the carpet onto concrete. 2 Spike the speakers onto the Harmonix feet on top of carpet on concrete. 3. Cut small circles in the carpet and put the Harmonix directly on the concrete with the speakers spiked on top of them. Which do you feel would sound the best?
Hi Husk01!
Karelfd is wright there is no general rule, to be certain you have to test different options. I believe these expensive feets will do fantastic job if set-up correctly.
Hi Husk01
I would advise against option 3 which looks like an irreversible action for an uncertain outcome. Option 2 at least looks promising, my own Tidal speakers weigh about 200 lbs each, the spikes that go into Harmonix feet are plain rigid ones, the carpet is very dense and short-haired. In my room this worked perfectly well. Option 1 is your point of reference, I'd say (I guess you are talking about the original spikes that you already have available, right?).
Good luck!
Thanks guys, I am going to try option 2 first.