Any experience with hard amplifier startup.

This is a problem that I expienced last night for the 1st time with a pair of monoblocks.

I don't expect anybody to have these amps.....there were only maybe 12 pairs sold.

I use these Platinum model two's to run my subwoofer....they are really high powered (35 amp breaker ea) and have a soft start protection circuit. I am waiting on a new rack to rearrange my system but I was going nuts being with out music for 3 weeks.
I received my longer speaker cables and decided to try them out.....hooking up these amps to my main speakers....flipped the right channel problem....left got a lound hum....kinda concerned. So I checked all connections and routing of cables....same lound hum....then removed my sattelite connection bingo no lound hum....but the amp started buzzing that increased in right before the 2nd all fine light came on I checkened out and hit the off switch. The 20 amp dedicated circuit breaker tripped. To make a long story short....I replaced the IC's from amp to the preamp and aftermarket power cords going back to the original 15 amp rated PC's and no problem....the amp still has a slight buzz but powers up fine. I do get a low hum from both speakers.

Any ideas......
Just a update after listening for about 4 hours.....there's nothing wrong here. These amps have been sitting idle up at my dad's house for the last ten years...long story. I learned one thing....there's something to be said for mountains of headroom...Wow..Eva Cassidy at blues alley....incredible.
Anything that has been sitting for a while has a risk associated with just 'plugging it in and lettin 'er rip'.

Caps don't like to sit unused, especially for a decade.
There may be some other problems lying in wait, as you heat cycle and stress the amps. are right...I forgot to mention that initially these were brought up on a variac. Under the circumstances that is a concern. I read the owners manual on these....and it warns not to use aftermarket PC's as it may damage the amps. that seems I did use aftermarket PC's for a while with my subwoofer. Also I seem to have a problem with the termination on a pair of IC's I was back to the factory. Anyway I left them on all night as the new speaker cables require a minimum of 100 hours to open up. Last night I could tell it's going to be a big improvement.
Eva was great! What does your system consist of??
Hi Dave....nothing really up to date...except my Monarchy 24nm retubed Dac...and NBS Master & Pro IV cables. The electronics are VAC 70/70,VAC 140's...My Platinum Mono's...A updated Accuphase C200 Pre..Speakers are 5.3ft custom dynAudio driver sattelites and a custom dual 16" stereo subwoofer. One day I will update a Linn LP12 but so far I have'nt got that far. I have a new Adona amp rack ordered so as soon as that arrives I will setup everything.

The thing that really impresses me about Eva's recoring is the ambience that is captured and her bad She is gone....What a talent....truely a shame.