Any experience with Gryphon amps ?

Considering mating Gryphon amp with JM Lab Alto speakers.Have Sony scd1,maek lev 380S.Like jazz vocals,jazz trio.,cello baroque.
I have a Gryphon Encore. I've owned Pass x-350, JC 1's, Electrocompaniet AW 220's, Chapter II plus and the Gryphon is my favorite. I would upgrade to the Antillion if I could afford it. It really makes my Talon Firebirds sing. I also liked the JC 1's very much but I like the way the Gryphon gave more body to the music.
I've heard an all-Gryphon system when I was back home in Bombay this Feb. The power amp was the Gryphon Antillean Signature. A beast at > 100lbs of weight. 150W/ch all of it pure class-A. Beautiful sound. I wrote a very small synopsis of my experience on Audiogon. Here is the link FWIW:
Hope that this helps.
Bombaywalla. Actually the Antillean Sig. weighs about 200lbs. It's built to last.
Thanks! I couldn't remember exactly & was doubtful when I wrote the weight (hence the >100 lbs! ;-) ). I have a pix of the amp in my mind's eye & yes, it certainly looked like a 200 pounder with some very sharp cooling fins!
I am currently using Gryphon Antileon Mono Blocks and Sonata Allegro. I had a complete Mark Levision system before and found that the Gryphon power amp just doesn't match with Mark Levinson 380S. The Gryphon pre-amp is a much better match the Gryphon power amp. I found that the dynamic is much better, better sound stage, resolution......etc.

I would say the ML380S is a good pre-amp but just doesn't match with the gryphon.