Any experience with Graham Metronome Gaia TT

I read Graham's Metronome Gaia TT PDF and it looks great. Any experience out there with this TT?
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As the North American distributor of Metronome, we introduced the "Gaia" turntable at the recent Stereophile show in LA to raves re: the sonics, aesthetics and quality. We humbly agree.

The arm used at the show was a Graham Phantom and Bob Graham has written the following comments of his impression of the Gaia:

“(The Gaia) gives every impression - from a mechanical standpoint as well as what I heard sonically - of being a truly world-class performer. The design and choice of materials seems first-rate, as does the construction and finish quality. I particularly like the ball/cup isolation system and the bearing design of the main bearing. It's visually stunning and performs as well as it looks, too! All in all, a product that's among the very best I've seen, and better than most. I'd have to live with it awhile myself to be able to get a more in-depth appraisal, but I have no doubt it would be thrilling and completely satisfying.....”

For more info, please contact me off board or see the following pdf:


Jim Ricketts
tmh audio